Episode 430: The World in Three Races


Neil Hodgson 00:41:14
Jordan Weaving 01:23:44

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal are back after a festive week off to talk WSBK testing. They ponder the decision to keep Honda as the lone engine supplier in Moto2 and look at the BSB news that trickled out from the recent bike show. Harry's fashion flash briefly returns, much to the horror of Dave. There's also a MotoPod announcement to help keep everyone warm over the winter.


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Episode 429: Chinese Transponder


Bradon Cretu 01:10:05
James Whitham 01:30:34
Jeremy Toye 01:39:48

2015 is underway as MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 get their first tests of the new season underway. MotoGP was fully timed and had some solid video content, sadly Moto2 and Moto3 weren't required to carry transponders so it's a bit of guess work there. Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal also chat Macau as racing truly comes to a close for the year. Jim Race has two interviews from Macau as well an anecdote about everyone's favourite AMA legend, Mat Mladin.


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Episode 428: Rufea Gang


James Rispoli 00:24:42

2014 is done and dusted for MotoGP. Moto3 was a thriller that came down to the wire and had drama throughout, could we have asked for better? Harry Lloyd defends the actions of Jack Miller post race while Dave Neal tries to reign the nationalism in just a little bit. We had the curse of championship liveries strike again with Rabat in Moto2 and Marquez became the winning-est rider in the premier class, or did he? Join us as we talk about one last race in 2014.



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Episode 427: Winners and Teams


Martin Darlington reports in from the final round of the WSBK round in Qatar, he was one of dozens of attendees! Harry Lloyd also records some solo news and both touch on the elephant in the room known as team orders. Despite recording separately their views are oddly similar, be sure to write in to MotoPod if you want to share your thoughts. Now, one last race and championship to wrap up before the long cold winter….

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Episode 426: One To Go


Chuck Aksland 00:52:06
Jeremy Toye 01:20:06

Martin Darlington and Jim Race return to MotoPod in a blaze of glory. They're here to catch you up on a boiling race from Sepang, the rain stayed but maybe it would have been better wet! Tireless Tito's years of hard work were finally rewarded and Moto3 looks set to be a no gloves boxing match come Valencia. WSBK and MotoGP each have a round left, then the long winter awaits...

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Episode 425: Tyre Island


Len Padilla's silky smooth tones join Harry Lloyd to talk about one of the most dramatic weekends of the year. Bridgestone experimented with an asymmetric front tyre to try and combat Phillip Island's unique tyre demands, but there were mixed results. Is Phillip Island MotoGP's Daytona? We also explore how 249+1 = 46 as it all goes right for Rossi once again.

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Episode 424: The Inevitable


Steve Day 00:24:08
Mark Miller 01:10:07

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal return to talk Motegi. There's not much news this week, but all three of the MotoGP Championships have a rider with a hand firmly on the trophy. Plenty of talk about the races, especially the dramatic Moto3 battle and the incredible pace in the MotoGP race. We have two massive interviews this week, the first with EuroSport's Steve Day to talk everything WSBK. Jim Race and Mark Miller reunite to talk Macau, at least for a little bit…

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Episode 423: A Race of Rain and Fire


Peter Senior 01:08:39
Bob Rosenthal 01:27:24

Dave Neal and Harry Lloyd come back together after a week off to talk Aragon and Silly Season. With almost all the MotoGP rides sorted out the Moto2 and Moto3 grid is starting to fill up! Aragon was an action packed weekend across the classes with the weather playing a major part come race day. We also have Phil Hall return with two excellent interviews.



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Episode 422: Helping Hands


Harry Lloyd has gotten a friend back as Dave Neal rejoins him to talk about a, sort of, sunny Misano weekend. Silly season is almost over so we have our second last big update on who will be where. In true MotoPod style the biggest story broke just MINUTES after recording, luckily it wasn't a big surprise. Join Harry and Dave as they talk about how a helping hand can be exactly what you need.


Oxley Article: http://www.motorsportmagazine.com/race/motogp-race/a-new-way-of-riding-a...

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Episode 421: Dutch Quickie


G'day mates! It's Harry Lloyd flying solo this week, like a kookaburra in a gum tree. We've got a short, but bonza show this week with WSBK and BSB action. There's also a touch of news on the eve of Misano, but expect even more news to break as soon as you've listened. It's getting a bit hectic in the racing world, so take 30 minutes off and brush up on your Australian with Harry.

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