Episode 625: Final GP from Valencia and Adios to the legendary 99

The last round of the MotoGP Championship brought drama on and off track with the Jorge announcing his intention to retire and the fever pitch speculation of his replacement. Meanwhile on track the riders in all classes battled chilly track temperatures in the last race of the year.

Jim McDowell and Derek Carrera run through all the action and race results alongside the best of the paddock rumours from the last outing of MotoGP for 2019.

Episode 542: That Elbow

Ronald Ten Kate: 01:11:23
Yigit Top: 01:26:32

Jim McDowell and Martin Darlington see the season out in fine style. Valencia was always going to be a tough one for Desmo Dovi, but he gave it his all as always. If only Lorenzo hadn’t meddled, or did he? Either way, Marquez tried to give Dovi a chance of snatching the title with another mind-bending mid-race save - not today Mr Rules of Physics, not today. As is seemingly always the case, Pedroda’s heroics out the front went largely unnoticed as one of MotoGP’s most fascinating and hard fought season draws to a close.

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