Episode 668: Fortune Favors the Brave

Skyler guest host this show with Jim and they cover all the action from what might be the race of the decade. The Red Bull Ring produced great racing again and that MotoGp race was better than anything Hollywood could dream up. The guys cover the...

Episode 667: They're BacK!! (track limits)

Rich and Jim discuss everything from the Styrian GP. This weekend provided some great talking points, from the G.O.A.T. retiring, to an atypical Moto3 race, to a crazy Moto2 event, throw in some changing weather plus a bonn fire in MotoGP. This...

Episode 666: How Young is too Young

Rich and Jim come together on the eve the Styrian GP to discuss the news and what might happen in Austria. They also tackle the tough issue of how young is too young to ride a Moto3 bike. Doctor McDowell also weighs in on the subject. I'm sure...

Episode 665: Midterm Report Cards

Jim is joined by new guy Richard Jowitt. Together they cover the news and revisit Maverick Vinales bombshell to get Richard's thoughts on the matter. They then talk about the best races, racers, and memorable moments from each class. They wrap up...

Episode 664: It's not me, it's you!

Skyler and Jim cover the Assen GP and the bombshell of the year! -- ©2021 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 663: Return of the King

How good was the race from Germany?? Crazy to see that right? Join Jim and well, Jim as he host this one solo. Prepare to be sidetracked! -- ©2021 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 662: Bend it like a KTM?

There was plenty of action from Barcelona. Frames and leathers got adjusted but only one worked out. Join Jim and Skyler as they re cap the weekend! -- ©2021 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 661: Quatro Poles

Ahh Mugello, such a beautiful track with an even more beautiful backdrop of the Tuscan hills and Alps in the distance. We missed you! Skyler and Jim go all in on MotoGP, track limits. Am I right?? Yeesh Moto 2 and 3 provided some of the best action...

Episode 660: To rain or not to rain

What a wild weekend from Le Mans. Mixed conditions led to uncertainty in the races but gave us something interesting to watch! Join Skyler and Jim as that talk about it all. -- ©2021 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 659: Pump up to first

Wow there was a lot of great racing across all the classes in GP. Join Skyler and Jim as they cover it all. -- ©2021 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 658: Emergence, Return and End of talent

Join Skyler and Jim as they Recap the races from Portimao -- ©2021 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 657: Dueling in the desert

Join Skyler and Jim as the cover all the action from the second round at Qatar! -- ©2021 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 656: Is this what we can expect?

We are late again. Sorry everyone. We had some technical issues once more so the audio at parts will be a bit distorted. Things should be back to normal next week! But racing is back baby and Skyler and Jim are here to talk about the first round of...

Episode 655: Turning laps in the desert

Welp, this show is certainly late. Much like MotoGP the show went through preseason testing and there were a lot of bugs to work out. A lot more that have happened before. But we turned a few nobs and adjusted a few clicks to get the show back on...

Episode 654: Save the Riders from Themselves!

Hey Motopoders! Jim and Skyler come together to catch up on what is happening in the world of motorcycling. They talk about what is going on in their lives now and about the news. Jim has a special interview with Dr. Claire McDowell, who...

Episode 653: New year, new show! 2021 edition

Happy new year MotoPoder's! Skyler and Jim are back on the air to cover the news that has happened during the off season. A big announcement from Skyler and a return of the big interviews. Who did Jim interview for the show? Non other than Freddie "...

Episode 652: Partying in Portugal

The final round of 2020 has come and gone. We already had crowned the MotoGP champion headed into this weekend but the Moto2 and 3 championships were still up for grabs! Portimao delivered and we had some great racing. Grab a beer and come have a...

Episode 651: Who predicted this champion?

The penultimate race of 2020 was not a let down, well for some of the riders in the championship hunt it certainly was. Join Skyler and Jim as the cover the second weekend of the back to back rounds at Valencia! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook...

Episode 650: Mixed Conditions, Results and Fortunes

What crazy weekend of racing from Valencia this was. We had rain, cold, clouds and then the sun came out on race day. Who was going to nail the setup and did we watch a championship slide away from one of the contenders? Join Skyler and Jim to hear...

Episode 649: It's like looking in a Mir

Hey Hey motopoders! Skyler and Jim are back to cover the races from round 12 the Gran Premio Liqui Moly de Teruel or Aragon 2! The season is coming to a close quickly and the action is heating up in all three classes. Grab a beer and come have a...

Episode 648: Where are your bets now???

Well hell y'all... Your guess is our good as ours now!!! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 647: Rain Master - Maître de la pluie - Maestro de la lluvia

Wait, was that a wet race? The first wet start since 2018.. It was! Here we go folks. Join Skyler and Jim as the cover the GP race from Lemans! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 646: Doh'visioso

Join Skyler and Jim as the cover the action packed races from Barcelona! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 645: Just over the limit

We are back and on time folks!! Join Skyler and Jim as they cover the second round of action from Misano!! --©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 644: Leave it to the professionals

Wow, we are super late with the show this week folks. Too many technical gremlins! Anyhoo, Join Skyler and Jim as the go over the latest racing news, and recap round 1 from Misano -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 643: It's wide open now

It's been a long week for the hosts but we were finally able to get together to recap the Stryian GP from Austria. Jim has well thought out concerns, points of view and facts. Skyler has a beer! Come join us! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook ||...

Episode 642: Dodging Bullets

We are a little late this week due to technical reasons but hey we love chaos here right? Speaking of chaos I think we have hit our limit of the amount we want to see this year after the Austrian GP. Join Skyler and Jim as they rub elbows over...

Episode 641: Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen

Welcome back to the show MotoPoders! Skyler and Jim are here to cover the GP race from Burno! What a crazy action packed weekend. Zarco...Binder..KTM.. who saw that coming? Join us as we break it all down. -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook ||...

Episode 640: Run it back!

For the first time on this podcast we get to talk about a MotoGP back to back at the same track. Join Skyler and Jim as they go over the races and dive deep on the action from the weekend. P.S. We forgot to go over MotoE again...doh! -- ©2020...

Episode 639: X Marc's the spot

Racing is finally back!!! Join Skyler and Jim as they the cover incredible racing from last weekends GP at Jerez. It was a weekend packed full of drama. Are you ready boots? P.S. We forgot to go over MotoE. We will next time. -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter...