Episode 651: Who predicted this champion?

The penultimate race of 2020 was not a let down, well for some of the riders in the championship hunt it certainly was. Join Skyler and Jim as the cover the second weekend of the back to back rounds at Valencia! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook...

Episode 650: Mixed Conditions, Results and Fortunes

What crazy weekend of racing from Valencia this was. We had rain, cold, clouds and then the sun came out on race day. Who was going to nail the setup and did we watch a championship slide away from one of the contenders? Join Skyler and Jim to hear...

Episode 649: It's like looking in a Mir

Hey Hey motopoders! Skyler and Jim are back to cover the races from round 12 the Gran Premio Liqui Moly de Teruel or Aragon 2! The season is coming to a close quickly and the action is heating up in all three classes. Grab a beer and come have a...

Episode 648: Where are your bets now???

Well hell y'all... Your guess is our good as ours now!!! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 647: Rain Master - Maître de la pluie - Maestro de la lluvia

Wait, was that a wet race? The first wet start since 2018.. It was! Here we go folks. Join Skyler and Jim as the cover the GP race from Lemans! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 646: Doh'visioso

Join Skyler and Jim as the cover the action packed races from Barcelona! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 645: Just over the limit

We are back and on time folks!! Join Skyler and Jim as they cover the second round of action from Misano!! --©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 644: Leave it to the professionals

Wow, we are super late with the show this week folks. Too many technical gremlins! Anyhoo, Join Skyler and Jim as the go over the latest racing news, and recap round 1 from Misano -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 643: It's wide open now

It's been a long week for the hosts but we were finally able to get together to recap the Stryian GP from Austria. Jim has well thought out concerns, points of view and facts. Skyler has a beer! Come join us! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook ||...

Episode 642: Dodging Bullets

We are a little late this week due to technical reasons but hey we love chaos here right? Speaking of chaos I think we have hit our limit of the amount we want to see this year after the Austrian GP. Join Skyler and Jim as they rub elbows over...

Episode 641: Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen

Welcome back to the show MotoPoders! Skyler and Jim are here to cover the GP race from Burno! What a crazy action packed weekend. Zarco...Binder..KTM.. who saw that coming? Join us as we break it all down. -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook ||...

Episode 640: Run it back!

For the first time on this podcast we get to talk about a MotoGP back to back at the same track. Join Skyler and Jim as they go over the races and dive deep on the action from the weekend. P.S. We forgot to go over MotoE again...doh! -- ©2020...

Episode 639: X Marc's the spot

Racing is finally back!!! Join Skyler and Jim as they the cover incredible racing from last weekends GP at Jerez. It was a weekend packed full of drama. Are you ready boots? P.S. We forgot to go over MotoE. We will next time. -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter...

Episode 638: Almost there!

Join Skyler and Jim and they get ramped up for the first race of the season. They also cover the latest news! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode: 637 We have a schedule!!

The 2020 schedule is out!!! Join Skyler and Jim as they get ramped up for the season!! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 636: Back to racing in America

Racing is back MotoPoder's!!!!! Join Skyler and Jim as they cover all the latest news in the MotoGP world and the MotoAmerica Superbike races from Road America. -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 635: Emails and fails

Greetings Motopoders! Join Skyler and Jim as they go through MotoGP gossip and fan mail. We know its been a few weeks but we promise our hiatus was only to improve the show. Enjoy! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 634: Stories, Lies and Tall Tales

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going strong, Skyler and Jim hook up once again to try to make quarantine just a little bit better. They discuss where MotoGP racing is right now, how it could resume and doomsday options. Then Skyler opens the...

Episode 633: The ups and downs

Greetings MotoPoder's Join Jim and Skyler as they cover a bit of news and go over listener feedback. Laughs are had and some interesting stories are told from varying perspectives. Enjoy! -- ©2020 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 632: 10 x 10

Greetings MotoPoder's! Skyler and Jim are back to talk their top 10 riders of all time. They also go over what a revised calendar might look like and how soon are we going to get back to racing. Plus Skyler has a few beers. Enjoy!!!! -- ©2020...

Episode 631: Bikes and Boredom

Welcome back folks! With the world going through this pandemic we figured it would be best to help break up your day sitting at home. It's a bunch of randomness so enjoy! -- ©2019 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 630: Qatar ine?

Hey Gang! Welcome back to another season of Motopod. This weeks show was quite late and you can only guess why. That's right, Corona. Skyler's company has closed its office and required the workers to work from home which interrupted all of his...

Episode 629: The final test!

Join Skyler and Jim as they go over the MotoGP test from Qatar! Martin Darlington Joins the show with interviews from the Qatar test Part 2 of Phil's interview from the Island Classic Enjoy! -- ©2019 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 628: Testing 1-2-3

Skyler Vickroy rejoins the show and sits down with Jim to discuss all things testing. Who was fast? Who was slow? Plus they bring you up to date on all the news. Jim gets on some weird rant about how motorcycle frames are like cranes and Skyler...

Episode 627: 2019 MotoGP Season in Review

Jim rings up his best mate Joel and they talk about the season that was. They cover Marc Marquez's incredibly dominant riding and when Rossi will retire from the sport. Why did Ducati lose their way and what happened to Suzuki at the end of the...

Episode 626: To all my friends

Jules Cisek and Martin Darlington take a stab at this podcasting thing to bring you a monster show like those of old. Martin comes back from the WSBK Qatar round with some riveting interviews with Tom Sykes, James Whitham, Charlie Hiscott, and...

Episode 625: Final GP from Valencia and Adios to the legendary 99

The last round of the MotoGP Championship brought drama on and off track with the Jorge announcing his intention to retire and the fever pitch speculation of his replacement. Meanwhile on track the riders in all classes battled chilly track...

Episode 624: Austrialia and Maylasia

Derek and Jim return to cover all the action from Australia and Malaysia. They do their best weathermen impressions as they bring you the wet, windy, cold, hot and muggy race action. The season has one race left but all the titles have been...

Episode 623: BSB and a King Is Crowned

Brands Hatch saw the last 3 races of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship. Dave Neal was there at Brands to witness the coronation of a new Champion. Oliver Brindley - JustGiving Page -- ©2019 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!

Episode 622: Thailand and Motegi

Jim and Derek return to talk you through the last two MotoGP races. A title has been clinched, one is almost sewn up and one is still up for grabs. Grab a cold one and a chair and relive the racing! -- ©2019 MotoPodTwitter || Facebook || Donate!