Episode 592: Interviews from the Island Classic

Part One of Phil Hall's visit the 26th International Island Classic at Phillip Island to soak up the atmosphere and grab some great extended interviews with a host of attendees. In this episode listen to him catch up with :
- Jason Pridmore
- John Long
- Jorge Guerro
- Josh Hayes
- Mark Miller
And Michael Gilbert

Episode 591: 2019 racing season begins in 3-2-1....

Join Skyler and Derek as they catch up with the latest action from the season opener of World Superbike. Phillip Island definitely threw up some surprises. Was this a preview of the season to come? Has Johnny met his match?

The guys go over the final MotoGP test of the year and had a few disagreements along the way and Martin Darlington makes a return to the show with interviews from the MotoGP Qatar.
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Episode 590: It's only testing!!

Testing is underway for both World Superbike and MotoGP! Join Skyler and Jim as they catchup on the latest news and get way too excited/opinionated for the first round of testing. 2019 has started!!!

P.S. This was Skyler's first full edit so apologies for any audio issues.
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