Episode 13: Week 2 of the Mid-Season Break

* Silly Season/Rossi Formula 1 news
* Kenny Roberts Jr commentary
* MotoGP Money Article on Crash.Net
* More about tires
* World Superbike Brands Hatch Report

Struggling through the mid-season break, we have a pretty big episode with some things I found and a few items sent in by listeners. We also have a WINNER in the First Ever MotoGPod Identify the Motorcycle Contest!!

Links this episode:
RideOnTwo Article: Rossi's Going to F1 -Deal With It! at http://www.rideontwo.com/news/rossis-going-to-f1/
Another RideOnTwo Article: Kenny Roberts Should Be Sacked at http://www.rideontwo.com/news/kenny-roberts-donnington/
Crash.net/Michael Scott Column: 'Show Me The Money' at http://www.crash.net/uk/en/news_view.asp?cid=6&nid=116318&apn=1

Episode 12: Week 1 of the Mid-Season Break

* Rossi news
* Moriwaki confirmed for Motegi
* Sete's hand gestures -- what's up with that?
* Some interesting satellite imagery
* Listener e-mai l-- tech questions

It's the start of the four week mid-season break, just waiting for the end of August and Brno! Between now and then, there will be stuff to talk about as we get ready for the second half of the season. Contest update: as of Friday, August 5th, we have no clear winner in the T-Shirt DVD contest. Send in your entries, even if it's just a guess!

Links the episode:
Google Earth at http://earth.google.com
Javier's Project at http://www.motopodcast.com/downloads/2005-MotoGP.kmz.zip
popmonkey's Project at http://www.popmonkey.com/coo/racetracks.zip

Episode 11: Alice German GP Wrapup

* Rossi's arm movements explained
* Listener e-mail: Donington report
* RideOnTwo.com
* MotoGP Package price reduction
* Contest! Win the FASTER DVD!
* Sachsenring qualifying report
* Sachsenring race wrapup
* "He said, he said."

The first MotoGPod episode in (((-STEREO-))) because of the contest to identify the motorcycle sounds. Sachsenring was another exciting race, and I like to think I did a good job with the qualifying and race reports, so don't miss this episode!

Episode 10: German GP Preview

* Michael Jordan really is a nice guy
* Alex Barros's legal troubles
* 2006 MotoGP schedule
* Dani Pedrosa's future team
* Wildcard for German GP
* Still yakking on about the contest...
* Sachsenring circuit info and Friday practice results

Big show today, lots of stuff to talk about in the news. Also, we've got some preview stuff about this weekend's Alice Motorrad Grosser Preiz Deutschland, including Friday free practice results, and some predictions. Let's see if my predictions for Sachsenring come out any closer than any of the others I've made! Keep checking motopodcast.com for new features. I just moved the site to a new host that offers a lot more flexibility than I had before, so I'm going to be implementing some new features very soon. And don't forget that the German GP Wrapup podcast will be posted at 9am Pacific time (UTF -8) on Monday, August 1. Check this page or motopodcast.com to get that episode with the contest. Gotta try to be fair and let everyone have a shot at it at the same time!

Links this episode:
Michael Jordan Motorsports photos at http://www.motopodcast.com/photos/MJ/MJ.html

Episode 9: betandwin.com British GP Wrapup

* Something rotten in Istanbul?
* Hayden brothers on Jay Leno, 8/2/2005
* T-shirt contest! Yay!
* Yamaha Insider magazine
* Donington qualifying and race report

A very exciting British GP, with a few other comments first. As always, I give you plenty of warning in the podcast before I talk about the results, just in case you haven't yet watched the race and still want to enjoy it. That's kind of a pet peeve of mine.

Episode 8: British GP Preview

* A Brief History of the Donington Park Circuit
* Some quasi-interesting Rossi Biaggi podium stats
* A look at the current world standings my predictions for Donington
* Friday Free Practice results (sort of... some technical difficulties were encountered)
* Chopper Bob's traffic report for Donington

Well, I can't seem to keep the length below 20 minutes. Feel free to send e-mail. Comments, suggestions or questions are always welcome!

Episode 6: Waiting for Donington

* Two US GPs?
* Laguna Seca 2006 Dates
* MotoGP Rule Changes
* Haskovec Update
* US GP Shirts Hats Still Available
* Ride To Work Day is July 20

Still haven't had a chance to really sort out the stuff I recorded at Laguna Seca, there's not really that much of it but I just can't find the time. I'm working on it. Laguna Seca photos are up on the MotoGPod web page. Special thanks to our anonymous donor, the guys at FormulaPod and Voxan and Bad Andy at PodClag. More about that next show...

Episode 4: Preview for the Red Bull US GP-Laguna Seca

* Laguna Seca sells out for the Red Bull US Grand Prix!
* History of the US Grand Prix
* Try out All Things Ducati
* Michelin's challenge at Laguna Seca
* Some blathering on and on

There's yet another naming convention for the podcast itself, but this is the last one, I promise! Trying to get stuff to show up the way I want it to in both iTunes and on iPods, and iTunes has a habit of renaming things. Grrr. I'm thinking of going back to iPodder.