Episode 23: Qatari GP Race Wrapup

* Qatar qualifying report
* Reader e-mail, Biaggi's hat?
* Qatar race wrapup

Today we have a qualifying report and a race report for the Grand Prix of Qatar, along with a couple of other items. A little bit shorter than some of the episodes have been lately, about 19 minutes, but definitely good stuff without being too wordy! Give it a listen and hear for yourself!

Episode 22: GP of Qatar Preview

* Reader e-mail
* Qatar 2004
* Who's on Second? A look at the standings before Qatar...
* Qatar Preview/Free Practice 1& 2 Results

Another longish episode, but there was lots of good stuff to talk about. Bob ended up having four beers and wouldn't shut up. Give it a listen and hear for yourself!

No links this episode.

Episode 20: Malaysian GP Preview

* Haskovec Benefit Auction
* More thoughts on Motegi's challenges
* Italian articles about Rossi at Motegi
* Eyewitness Motegi Race Report
* Malaysian GP Preview

A really big show today for the 20th episode, 45 minutes long! I think that's the longest show yet. Lots of good stuff, so download the podcast and check it out!

Links for this episode:
RideOnTwo.com coverage of Yamaha Technical Presentation at http://www.rideontwo.com/news/motegi-day-1-yamaha-tehnical-presentation
Red Bull U.S. GP Banner Auction for Vincent Haskovec at http://www.laguna-seca.com/Auction/
Get Well Vincent! page at Team M4 EMGO Suzuki at http://www.teamhammer.com/vincent/
Turn 10 at Motegi photo at http://www.motopodcast.com/photos/2005_Motegi-UY/2005_Motegi-UY.html

Episode 17: The Reader E-mail Episode...

* US GP tix on sale!
* Very interesting links
* Motorcycle racing in the USA rant
* MotoGP coverage in Italy
* Talking Turkey with Thomas
* Brno 125cc race report and rain rules comments

Lots of reader e-mail this episode, and my comments and replies to them. Good stuff! Plus, a quick report on the 125cc race at Brno and some really cool stuff out there on the internet. Download the podcast and listen!

Links for this episode, hopefully I didn't forget any:
California Superbike School UK at http://www.superbikeschool.co.uk
Revs.TV Motorsport Television at http://www.revs.tv/index.cfm?method=revs.cat&startrow=1&cat=Bikes
MotoGP Schedule - Local Time Conversion at http://stevejones.cc/motogp/
RideOnTwo Forum - Sete Conspiracy at http://www.rideontwo.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=188
Crash.net MotoGP News at http://www.crash.net/uk/en/home.asp?cid=6

Episode 15: Czech GP Preview. The wait is over!!

* Reader e-mail
* Great MotoGP websites
* Brno preview
* No Blata V-6 at Brno...

The long drought is over! We have a race this weekend at Brno in the Czech Republic! Several other interesting items to talk about as well. Download the podcast and listen! Also, didn't mention this in the podcast, but download Steve Jones Brno Schedule Excel file for the local times of each event this weekend.

Links this episode:
Steve Jones's road trip at http://stevejones.cc/Laguna/
MotoGPForum.com at http://www.motogpforum.com
MotoGP-News.com at http://www.motogp-news.com
RideOnTwo Ultimate Racer article at http://www.rideontwo.com/news/building-the-ultimate-racer/
Yamaha Insider at http://www.yamaha-racing.com