Episode 59: Chinese GP Race Wrapup and A Quick Comment About My Trackday

* Qualifying report
* Race report, thank you to Dave Sangster
* A look at the championship standings
* A few quick comments about my trackday

Another exciting race this past weekend in Shanghai for the Grand Prix of China, so well talk about that, with a little help from Dave Sangster. Then we take a quick look at the championship standings, some interesting stuff going on there. After that, a few very brief comments about my very first trackday that I just did.

Links this episode:
Portland International Raceway at http://www.portlandraceway.com
Cascade Track Time at http://www.cascadetracktime.com

Episode 57: Lots of Input From Other People

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* Reader E-Mail
* Kenny Noyes Interview
* Liam Shubert Update

Lots of good reader e-mail this week, plus a phone call to Kenny Noyes and Liam Shubert while they were on the road to Albacete circuit in Spain for Kenny to ride in the CEV.

Links this episode:
Nicky Hayden SuperMoto at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8462378466997568582&q=supermota...
Anti CPU Eater Fix for MotoGP.com at http://www.rideontwo.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=431
Kenny Noyes' Official Website at http://www.kennynoyes.com
Liam's Wild Ride at http://www.motopodcast.com/redirect/liamwildride.php

Episode 56: Turkish GP Wrapup

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* Long Winded Intro
* Qualifying Report
* Race Wrapup

Bobs back from Sin City and managed to put together a race wrapup for one of the most amazing GPs in a while, the Grand Prix of Turkey, which interestingly enough does not have a title sponsor.

No links this episode.

Episode 54: Jim Race, covering for Bob Hayes

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* WSBK and AMA this weekend
* Liam Update, more on Qatar
* Who the heck is this Jim guy?

Jim Race from RideOnTwo.com covers the upcoming WSBK races from Valencia. Plus, another chat with Bob and Liam to wrap up Qatar and the Hopkins tantrum. Jim talks about club racing, and finishes up with the upcoming AMA Barber weekend.

Links this episode:
Liams Wild Ride on BARF at http://www.motopodcast.com/redirect/liamwildride.php

Episode 53: Taking The Easy Way Out with Jim Race

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* News Tidbits and Chatter
* Liam Update, Including European Cellphone Protocol

Jim Race from RideOnTwo.com joins us again for some general chit chat, followed by a fairly lengthy update with Liam Shubert and we almost interview Hiro Aoyama. Liam was at Qatar again during the MotoGP weekend, and he shares some of his observations and experiences. Also, doing it this way means theres almost no show prep for me, which is just as well because Ive been freakishly busy lately!

Links this episode:
Komodo Gear website at http://www.motopodcast.com/redirect/komodo.php
RideOnTwo.com at http://www.rideontwo.com
Liams Wild Ride on BARF at http://www.motopodcast.com/redirect/liamwildride.php

Episode 51: Qatar GP Preview Marc Vandament/ProMoto Interview

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* Reader E-Mail
* Losail Onboard Lap
* Qatari GP Race Preview
* Marc Vandament Interview

An audio lap of the Losail circuit, then we talk a little bit about last years race at Qatar and some comments and thoughts about this year plus a phone conversation with Marc Vandament form ProMoto about tire warmers and some more of the technology of tires, the black gold of racing.

Links this episode:
Komodo Website at http://www.motopodcast.com/redirect/komodo.php
Superbike Planet article about height & weight at http://superbikeplanet.com/2006/Mar/060331vc.htm
CycleCynch.com, home of ProMoto at http://www.cyclecynch.com
Podzinger Podcast Search at http://www.podzinger.com/results.jsp?s=PZSID_pods_pod3_6_1_0002
Still more Rossi Jerez crash pics at Motorradrennen.com at http://www.motorradrennen.com
Red Bull US GP Weekly Dispatch at http://redbullusgrandprix.com
MotoGP Schedule Converter at http://stevejones.cc/motogp/motogp_2006_race_schedule.xls

Episode 50: The Golden Anniversary Edition

* Listener E-Mail
* Analyze Rossi Crash
* Racing2SaveLives.org Interview
* Contest Winner Announced!!

Got some good stuff this weekend, starting with several listener e-mails, then an analysis of Rossis lap one turn one crash, followed by an interview with Sharon Foxworthy of Racin2SaveLives.org and their upcoming event weekend. And well finish up by announcing the winner of the Komodo Gear leathers contest!

Links this episode:
Randy Norian's RS250 at http://homepage.mac.com/rg500delta/PhotoAlbum201.html
20th Anniversary of the RG500 at http://homepage.mac.com/rg500delta/autobahn2005/PhotoAlbum250.html
Rossi's Bad Day photos at SuperbikePlanet.com at http://www.superbikeplanet.com/image/2006/mgp/jerez/3/index.htm
Photo of Rossi's Right Side During Jerez Race at http://www.motopodcast.com/photos/2006-03-26_Jerez_Rossi_Damage/2006-03-...
Racing2SaveLives.org at http://www.motopodcast.com/redirect/racing2savelives.php
Komodo Contest Winner! at http://www.motopodcast.com/redirect/komodo.php