Episode 79: Alice Grand Prix de Fwance Race Wrapup, 25 May 2007

* Bob blathers on about his track day
* Kurtis is goin’ to the show!
* Did Vermeulen have ringer tires?
* Bob and Jim Race talk about Le Mans

A fairly long show today, about 1 hour and 12 minutes. But it’s well worth the time! We start off with Bob blathering on about his track day, but then we move into some more interesting stuff like a news report that showed up on crash.net that Kurtis Roberts will be riding the Team KR KR212V at Mugello. Then we have a short piece about a newspaper interview from Japan that tells us that Vermeulen was using a new tread pattern wet tire at Le Mans. After that, Bob and Jim Race go on at great length about how cool the Le Mans race was, even if it was raining. We finish things up with a little bit more blathering.

Links this episode:
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Superbike Planet at http://www.superbikeplanet.com
Pacific Super Sport Riders at http://www.pssrtrack.com

Episode 78: Liam gets Shanghai'd!

* Reader E-mail
* Chat with Liam Shubert about Shanghai & LeMans

**LATE BRAKING NEWS!** (Yes, I know it isn't spelled that way...)
This came in too late to make it into the recorded show, but Kawasaki sent out a press release that Fonsi Nieto will sub at LeMans for the injured Olivier Jacque!

In the show, Bob has a few too many beers and records a somewhat rambling commentary about the MotoGP points scoring system. After that, a phone call with Liam Shubert about the China GP and some of his expectations for LeMans.

Episode 76: Jerez and Istanbul

* Hello from Bob Hayes
* Jerez Race Report
* Istanbul Race Report
* MotoLiam on Istanbul and more
* News

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