Episode 103: Valencia Wrapup and a Chat with Chuck Aksland

* Various Cool Listener Submitted Goodies
* Valencia Wrapup with Jules
* Darren Carpenter's Valencia Analysis
* Chat with Chuck Aksland of Team KR

Loooong show today, with an entertaining early morning chat with Jules, some words about Darren Carpenter's analysis of lap and sector times at Valencia, and a chat with Team KR manager Chuck Aksland. Good stuff, download the show and listen!

Links this episode:
Steve Jones's Suite Deal at http://www.usmotogpfans.com
Suzi Perry interview with Valentino Rossi at http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/sol/newsid_7080000/newsid_7085500/7085510.s...
CNN International Ducati factory tour at http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/international/2007/10/26/aol.ba.cnn?ire...
Red Bull US Grand Prix tickets on sale at http://www.laguna-seca.com
Darren Carpenter's Valencia Analysis Excel workbook at http://www.motopodcast.com/downloads/Analysis_Valencia.xls.zip
Kropotkin Thinks blog at http://www.motogpmatters.com
Team KR at http://www.teamkr.com

Episode 102: The Aussie Episode

* News and Valencia Preview
* Chat with Thomas Reynolds, Australian freelance motojournalist
* Interviews with Casey Stoner and Ant West!! (Not by me, unfortunately)

Little bit different show today. Of course we talk about some news and we have a Valencia preview, but we also have a chat with Australian freelance motojournalist Thomas Reynolds and we get to hear his really great interviews with Casey Stoner and Ant West at the Philip Island round. Great stuff, I'm sure you'll like it!

Links this episode:
Steve Jones's Suite Deal at http://www.usmotogpfans.com
Taka Nakagami Official Site at http://www.taka-nakagami.com/en/index.html

Episode 101: Ship to Shore, Malaysia Review and a Big Ol' Conference Call

* Silly Season Redux Redux
* Why Ship-To-Shore Shouldn't Happen by David Emmett
* Malaysia Wrapup, Such As It Is * Three Way Conference Call with Jules and Liam

Following up our 100th episode with (oddly enough) Episode #101, we have some interesting news tidbits, a sorta funny website, a great article about rider communication courtesy of David Emmett, a somewhat uninteresting review of a somewhat uninteresting race in Malaysia and we wrap things up with a great call between Jules Cisek, Liam Shubert and myself. Download the show, I think you'll enjoy it!

Links this episode:
David Emmett's Kropotkin Thinks... blog at http://www.motogpmatters.com
RideOnTwo blog and forum at http://www.rideontwo.com
Liam Shubert's blog and website at http://www.motoliam.com

Episode 100: Well, It's the 100th Episode. What can I say?

* Reader E-mail
* Announcement from Team KR (good news, don't worry)
* MotoGP News
* Ridiclously Long Chat with Jules, including an Australian GP Wrapup
* Malaysia Preview

Well, this is it. The 100th episode. People were asking what I was going to do and I really didn't know. This is what came of it. Good stuff, I think you'll enjoy it!

Links this episode:
Team KR sign up page at http://www.teamkr.com/index.cfm?p=bikeflash
Mert Lawwill's site (Lawwill Prosthetic Quick Release Prosthetic Handlebar Attachment) at http://www.mertlawwill.com
Dani Pedrosa flip over wheelie at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmGM_dk25Jo
Rossi's ultimatum at http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/motorsport/7042930.stm
Road Racer X at http://www.roadracerx.com

Episode 99: Sad News, Regular News, Technique Segment and a Chat with Liam

* Norick Abe News
* MotoGP News and Brief Update on FP1 and 2 at Philip Island
* Riding Technique with Advice from Darren Carpenter
* Long Chat with Liam (recorded prior to news about Norick)

Another show that has all kinds of different subjects, good stuff this week. One very sad piece of news that we talk about is the tragedy involving Norifumi Abe, but moving on we talk about a variety of subjects that I think you'll find interesting.

Links this episode:
Japanese news story about Norick Abe #1 at http://www.news24.jp/94744.html
Japanese news story about Norick Abe #2 at http://www.news24.jp/94773.html
Why Dorna is threatening to impose a spec tire article by Dennis Noyes at http://www.speedtv.com/articles/moto/motogp/40771

Episode 98: Trackday Roundtable, News, and Tech Segment on Pneumatic Valves

* Listener E-Mail
* MotoGP News
* Tech Segment about pneumatic valves, written by Scott Jones
* Bob's trackday at Thunderhill
* Roundtable with Darren Carpenter, Fergus Caldicott, Jules Cisek and myself

A show that's kind of all over the map today, little bit about MotoGP, little bit about tech, little bit about motorcycling in general. Great stuff, you should check it out!

Links this episode:
Autosport.com interview with Ichiro Yoda at http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/56744
Motorcycle News story about Bridgestone blame Rossi for spec tire at http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/sport/sportresults/mcn/2007/october/oc...
Jules Cisek's trackday photos at http://gallery.popmonkey.com/v/ducmonkey/trackdays/071003thill
Scott Jones's photos at http://www.turn2photography.com

Episode 97: Motegi Wrapup with Jules Cisek, Listener E-Mail and General Blathering

* MotoGP News
* Listener E-Mail
* Bob and Jules go on and on about Motegi, but the audio quality takes a dive
* Commentary by Jules about AutoSport.com article

Interesting show today with the obligatory Motegi wrapup that turned out to be as much of a mish-mosh as the race was, some great listener e-mail, and Jules did a bit about an article on AutoSport.com. Good stuff, well worth a listen! Check it out!

Episode 96: Estoril Wrapup with Jules Cisek and Motegi Preview

* Marcus Dairy
* Helpful Mac tip
* Bob and Jules talk about Estoril, one of the most exciting races of the season
* Motegi Preview

Good show today with a long call with Jules about Estoril. If you haven't yet seen the race at Estoril, you owe it to yourself to go and watch it before you listen to the show. It was a great race, well worth seeing. We also have a Motegi preview and a couple of other odds and ends! Good stuff!

Episode 95: Estoril Race Preview and a Talk with Toby Moody!

* MotoGP News
* Listener E-mail
* Chat with Eurosport Commentator Toby Moody
* Estoril Preview
* Talk Like A Pirate Day

Lots of great stuff this week, including the obvious Estoril preview, some news from MotoGP, listener e-mail, a new podcast I found that is marginally about MotoGP, and a really great call with Eurosport commentator Toby Moody (how cool is that?) and some more of the usual blathering on. Plus, don't forget about Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19th!

Links this episode:
Toby Moody's columns can be found at http://www.autosport.com/motogp
Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb at http://www.shelsley-walsh.co.uk
Top 12 Runoff British Speed Hill Climbing at http://www.top12runoff.co.uk
Formula 1 Blog (and Podcast) at http://www.formula1blog.com
Talk Like a Pirate Day at http://www.talklikeapirate.com

Episode 94: Misano Race Report, Catching Up with Liam, and MotoGP Gets QuickTime!

* Qatar 2008 Night Race
* Misano Race Report
* A Chat with Liam Shubert!
* Editorial Complaining About motogp.com

Kind of an all over the place sort of show today, with a little bit of news, a quick Misano race report, another chat with Liam Shubert and some interesting stuff about the future of the official MotoGP.com website along with some complaints about what is currently broked up there.

Links this episode:
Official MotoGP Website at http://www.motogp.com
Kropotkin's 2007 Misano Race Report at http://blogger.xs4all.nl/daisy/archive/2007/09/03/291109.aspx
Email Liam at mailto:liam@motoliam.com
Apple Profile about Dorna at http://www.apple.com/pro/profiles/dorna/
MotoGP on YouTube! at http://www.youtube.com/user/MotoGP