Episode 78: Liam gets Shanghai'd!

* Reader E-mail
* Chat with Liam Shubert about Shanghai & LeMans

**LATE BRAKING NEWS!** (Yes, I know it isn't spelled that way...)
This came in too late to make it into the recorded show, but Kawasaki sent out a press release that Fonsi Nieto will sub at LeMans for the injured Olivier Jacque!

In the show, Bob has a few too many beers and records a somewhat rambling commentary about the MotoGP points scoring system. After that, a phone call with Liam Shubert about the China GP and some of his expectations for LeMans.

Episode 76: Jerez and Istanbul

* Hello from Bob Hayes
* Jerez Race Report
* Istanbul Race Report
* MotoLiam on Istanbul and more
* News

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