Episode 96: Estoril Wrapup with Jules Cisek and Motegi Preview

* Marcus Dairy
* Helpful Mac tip
* Bob and Jules talk about Estoril, one of the most exciting races of the season
* Motegi Preview

Good show today with a long call with Jules about Estoril. If you haven't yet seen the race at Estoril, you owe it to yourself to go and watch it before you listen to the show. It was a great race, well worth seeing. We also have a Motegi preview and a couple of other odds and ends! Good stuff!

Episode 95: Estoril Race Preview and a Talk with Toby Moody!

* MotoGP News
* Listener E-mail
* Chat with Eurosport Commentator Toby Moody
* Estoril Preview
* Talk Like A Pirate Day

Lots of great stuff this week, including the obvious Estoril preview, some news from MotoGP, listener e-mail, a new podcast I found that is marginally about MotoGP, and a really great call with Eurosport commentator Toby Moody (how cool is that?) and some more of the usual blathering on. Plus, don't forget about Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19th!

Links this episode:
Toby Moody's columns can be found at http://www.autosport.com/motogp
Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb at http://www.shelsley-walsh.co.uk
Top 12 Runoff British Speed Hill Climbing at http://www.top12runoff.co.uk
Formula 1 Blog (and Podcast) at http://www.formula1blog.com
Talk Like a Pirate Day at http://www.talklikeapirate.com

Episode 94: Misano Race Report, Catching Up with Liam, and MotoGP Gets QuickTime!

* Qatar 2008 Night Race
* Misano Race Report
* A Chat with Liam Shubert!
* Editorial Complaining About motogp.com

Kind of an all over the place sort of show today, with a little bit of news, a quick Misano race report, another chat with Liam Shubert and some interesting stuff about the future of the official MotoGP.com website along with some complaints about what is currently broked up there.

Links this episode:
Official MotoGP Website at http://www.motogp.com
Kropotkin's 2007 Misano Race Report at http://blogger.xs4all.nl/daisy/archive/2007/09/03/291109.aspx
Email Liam at mailto:liam@motoliam.com
Apple Profile about Dorna at http://www.apple.com/pro/profiles/dorna/
MotoGP on YouTube! at http://www.youtube.com/user/MotoGP

Episode 93: Misano Preview, Reader E-Mail, and a Conversation with Liam

* Reader E-Mail Response to Racing's Social Responsibility
* Miller Motorsports Park for the International Set
* Misano San Marino GP Preview
* A Chat with Liam Shubert!

Another long show today, but I think it's good stuff that you'll enjoy. We talk a little bit about listener response to last week's editorial, Miller Motorsports Park is getting a World Superbike round, MotoGP comes back to Misano, and we hear from Liam Shubert about all kinds of cool stuff. Great show, make sure to listen to all of it!

Links this episode:
Liam Shubert Working in MotoGP at http://www.motogp.com/en/motogp/motogp_news.htm?menu=news&news_id=20575
Nicky Hayden Michelin commercial at http://www.motogp.com/en/motogp/motogp_video_channel.htm?menu=video_chan...
Miller Motorsports Park at http://www.millermotorsportspark.com
Roadracing World article about World Superbike and AMA at Miller at http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/article/?article=30021
World Superbike Official Website at http://www.worldsbk.com
Misano Circuit Website at http://www.misanocircuit.it

Episode 92: Brno wrapup with Jules and Bob waxes philosophic

* NY Times article about Nicky Hayden
* Brno wrapup and general MotoGP chat with Jules Cisek
* Does MotoGP have a social responsibility?

A couple of editorial sort of pieces today, talking about a really cool article that showed up in the New York Times and whether or not racing has a responsibility to develop new technologies, plus a Brno wrapup and general chat with Jules Cisek. Good stuff, I think you'll like it!

Episode 91: Chat with Chris Jonnum and a Silly Season Roundup

* Contest Winners!
* Chris Jonnum, editor of Road Racer X magazine
* Book Review: Top Dead Center by Kevin Cameron
* Chat with Jules about Silly Season so far

A very long show today with an interview with Chris Jonnum, editor of Road Racer X magazine, a book review (wow!) of Top Dead Center, The Best of Kevin Cameron From Cycle World Magazine, and a long chat with Jules about what we know and don't know about Silly Season 2007. Plus, we've got contest winners and some other odds and ends!

Links this episode:
The Haydens: Nicky, Tommy, and Roger, From OWB To MotoGP at http://www.bullpublishing.com/shop/item.asp?itemid=95
Road Racer X at http://www.roadracerx.com/
Top Dead Center, The Best of Kevin Cameron From Cycle World Magazine at http://www.motorbooks.com/Store/ ProductDetails_37145.ncm
Mark Tinley's Classic Bike podcast at http://www.funnymachine.com/classicbike/

Episode 90: Jules and Liam Hanging Out in an SF Bar

* News and blathering
* Extremely brief technical segment about HatsOff
* Cool chat from Jules, Liam and Jay

Great stuff this week! Jules grabbed Liam Shubert while he was spending some time in the USA and they had a really interesting conversation and recorded it! Also some news and a brief technical segment about another helmet removal system and don't forget the contest to win one of six awesome Eddie Lawson posters from an original artwork by Hector Cademartori.

Links this episode:
Tyler Winegarner's Laguna Seca Photos at http://www.tylerwinegarner.com/gallery/3248133#179748944
Jules Cisek's Laguna Seca Photos at http://gallery.popmonkey.com/v/ducmonkey/0707usgp/
Hats Off helmet removal system at http://www.hatsoffusa.com
BikeMe! forums at http://www.bikeme.tv/Forums/tabid/57/Default.aspx
ZXR World at http://www.zxrworld.co.uk/
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E-mail your contest entry to mailto:contest@motopodcast.com (listen to the show for details)

Episode 89: Mark Bracks, A Pepsi Challenge, and a Contest!

* Still More Silly Season and World SuperDuper Bikes
* The Fourth and Final Pepsi Challenge
* Interview with MotoGP.com Pit Reporter Mark Bracks

Super interesting show this week, with a great interview with Mark Bracks, the pit reporter for the Dorna/MotoGP.com commentary team. We also have some news and, back by popularish demand, another Pepsi Challenge of MotoGP commentary! Last but certainly not least, a contest to win one of six awesome Eddie Lawson posters from an original artwork by Hector Cademartori.

Links this episode:
Mark Bracks articles at http://www.bikeme.tv/Writings/Articles/tabid/121/Default.aspx
Mark Kalan's blog at http://www.riderscramp.com
Tyler Winegarner's Laguna Seca Photos at http://www.tylerwinegarner.com/gallery/3248133#179748944
E-mail your contest entry to mailto:contest@motopodcast.com (listen to the show for details)

Episode 88: Laguna Seca (!!) Wrapup

* Silly Season
* Lots of stuff Bob recorded at Laguna Seca
* Laguna race report and championship standings
* Awesome sounds of MotoGP

Wow, what a weekend! Bob, Jules and buddy Mike had a FANTASTIC time at Laguna Seca for the Red Bull US Grand Prix, and this show is all about it. We got a lot of cool audio recorded, interviews and motorcycle sounds and all kinds of stuff. We cover the practice sessions, complete with rider interviews, qualifying and the race. Plus a few short comments on the Fox commentary, but not the full on Pepsi Challenge this time.

Links this episode:
Nicky Hayden Fan Banner Auction at http://usmotogpfans.com/auction
MotoGPod EXTRA! Cool stereo laps! at http://www.motopodcast.com/downloads/MotoGPod_2007-07-27_EXTRA.mp3
Photos (tons of them!) taken by Jules Cisek at Laguna Seca at http://gallery.popmonkey.com/v/ducmonkey/0707usgp
Lots more photos at Ride On Two at http://www.rideontwo.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1163

Episode 87: In A Panic to Leave for Laguna

* Sachsenring Wrapup
* Laguna Seca Preview
* Yet Another of Those Pepsi Challenges (starting to get a little old, don't you think?)

This week's show is up a day early as Bob is heading to Laguna Seca for the US Grand Prix! And because Bob is supposed to be packing and leaving, it's a short show and a bit of a rush job, but still some interesting stuff and well worth a listen!

Links this episode:
Adam Kress's MotoGP Calendar at http://akress.com/race.ics
Red Bull Indianapolis GP at http://www.redbullindianapolisgp.com/news/story.php?story_id=9470
MotoGP Survey at http://www.3in-opina.com/surveys/073001/English/motogp_uk.htm
MotoGP Chat Room at http://www.motopodcast.com/chat.php
Nicky Hayden Fan Banner Auction at http://usmotogpfans.com/auction