Episode 117: Them Darn Crazy Superbikes Down Under

* What's on TV?
* Chat with Jules about World SuperBike season at Phillip Island
* Marine Corps Joke

Jules and I had a long chat about the World Superbike races at fantastic Phillip Island and we kind of neglected to do much for the MotoGP opener at Qatar or Daytona Bike Week! Big motortcycle racing weekend coming up, i hope you don't miss it! Also, some stfuff coming up on Discovery Channel that you should look out for! Download the show and have a listen!

Links this episode:
Troy's Story at Docurama at http://www.docurama.com/productdetail.html?productid=NV-NNVG107861
Troy's Story at Amazon online at http://www.amazon.com/Troys-Story-Incredible-Superbike-Champion/dp/B000Y...
Birth of a Racer on Discovery HD at http://dhd.discovery.com/tv-schedules/special.html?paid=66.14723.120576.0.0

Episode 116: Qatar, Qatar, Qatar

* Wales Air Ambulance Helimed Ride Out
* Contest Winner!
* Mini Tech Segment: Suspension
* Chat with Jules about World SuperBike season opener at Qatar
* Very brief update on MotoGP tests at Qatar

This week, we announce the winner of the contest to win a set of Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers used by Ben Spies at Laguna Seca in 2007! There's also a mini tech segment about suspension and what exactly is going on when you hit a bump, followed by a chat with Jules about the World Superbike season opener at Qatar and some brief comments about the MotoGP testing also at Qatar. Download the show and have a listen!

Links this episode:
Wales Air Ambulance Helimed Ride Out at http://www.helimedrideout.co.uk
Chicken Hawk Racing at http://www.chickenhawkracing.com
Kropotkin Thinks blog at http://www.motogpmatters.com
World SuperBike Official Website at http://www.worldsbk.com
MotoGP Official Website at http://www.motogp.com

Episode 115: Big Bang Engines and IRTA Tests

* Race Pattern Shifting
* Tech Segment: Big Bang Firing Order
* Chat with Jules about the IRTA Test at Jerez

Super good show today with some excellent listener e-mails followed up by a stupendous tech segment about Big Bang engines, courtesy of Scott Jones. After that, we chat with Jules about the IRTA tests at Jerez and some general predictions, ponderings and prevaricating about the upcoming season.

Links this episode:
Enter the contest at Chicken Hawk Racing at http://chickenhawkracing.com
Steve Jones Suite Deal at http://www.usmotogpfans.com
Scott Jones photography at http://www.turn2photography.com
Mark Kalan Photography at http://www.markkalan.com

Episode 114: Talking About Tires!

* Listener E-Mail
* Save Mark Bracks!
* Call with David Podolsky of Chicken Hawk Racing
* Lame military jokes and an update on my son in boot camp

Fantastic call with David Podolsky of Chicken Hawk Racing about what exactly is going on with those round black things and why you might want to warm them up before a track day or race. Lots of interesting info in this call. Before we get to that, we have several great e-mails to talk about, ranging from corrections from the last show to suspension advice to more about the Barry Sheene video and bad bad news about Mark Bracks and what you can do about it. Lots of good stuff today and we even finish up with a little bit of Marine Corps chitchat about my son, who is currently in Marine Corps boot camp. There might even be an Air Force joke in here, if you listen carefully. Good stuff, download the show and listen!

Links this episode:
Save Bracksy Petition at http://savebracksy-petition.clubezy.com
Barry Sheene video in NTSC at http://www.amazon.com/Legacy-Personal-History-Barry-Sheene/dp/B000MKYJMS/
Traxxion Dynamics suspension (Max MacAllister) at http://www.traxxion.com
Catalyst Reaction suspension (Dave Moss) at http://www.feelthetrack.com
Chicken Hawk Racing at http://chickenhawkracing.com
United States Marine Corps oohrah site at http://www.marines.com

Episode 113: So, You Got a Track Bike and Now You're Cool?

* Finally found a track bike!
* MotoGP Testing at Philip Island!
* MotoGP Testing at Sepang!
* Other Stuff!

Great call with Jules today, talking about the testing at Philip Island and Sepang. Before we get to that, I have some news to pass on, one item being that I bought that track bike I've been going on and on about! w00t! Overall, interesting show so download it and give it a listen!

Links this episode:
SpeedFeenz Motorcycle Gear Store at http://www.speedfeenz.com
Official Yamaha Racing website (Insider magazine) at http://www.yamaha-racing.com
Bayliss to race World Supers at Qatar, story at
Long Way Round website (episodes for only $1.99 each) at http://www.longwayround.com

Episode 112: Sepang Testing! and Cool Track Day Chat with Darren Carpenter

* Listener E-mail and some comments about Barry Sheene DVD
* A Plug For Charity
* Testing Kicks Off in Malaysia
* Call with Darren Carpenter About Track Days

The MotoGP circus is back in town after the winter break, with testing in Malaysia! Before we get to that, we have some reader e-mail about various things and a few comments, and then after the testing news we have a great chat with Darren Carpenter, talking more details on the ins and outs of track days! Good stuff, download the show and check it out!

Links this episode:
Crash.Net MotoGP News at http://www.crash.net/home~cid~6.htm
Barry Sheene DVD at http://www.dukevideo.com/Bikes/DVD/Champions/Legacy%20-%20A%20Personal%2...
Cycle To Cannes 2008 at http://www.cycle2cannes.org
Racing-Underground at https://www.racing-underground.com/

Episode 111: Some Totally Off Topic Blathering and a Call with Liam Shubert!

* News (sort of), e-mail, and odds n ends
* Laguna Seca Travel Notes Redux
* Call with Liam Shubert!

The show is a little bit all over the map today, but we have some really good stuff. We talk about several newsy sort of items and some great listener e-mail and then we have a call with Liam Shubert of the D'Antin Ducati Team. It's been a while since we talked with Liam and we've got some catching up to do!

Links this episode:
A California Yankee In Ducati's Court (Mark Elder story by Dean Adams) at http://www.superbikeplanet.com/2008/Jan/080102-elder.htm
Liam's Wild Ride at http://www.motoliam.com
Biography Channel at http://www.biography.com (ask them to broadcast the Barry Sheene show!)
"The CatHouse" club at The Luxor at http://www.luxor.com/nightlife/ (can we get any less focused on MotoGP?)

Episode 110: Rants, Track Day Stuff, Reruns, what more can you ask for?

* Some ranting. Well, actually, a lot of ranting
* Doug Hagy with Shadow Video Productions
* Tech Segment - Suspension systems (rerun from Episode #38)

We're back from our week off and we've got a pretty long show today. We start off with some news and e-mail, with ranting comments about all of that. After that, we move into some good stuff from Doug Hagy, owner of Shadow Video Productions, talking about track day videography. We finish up this week with a rerun from Episode 38 (back in the day) about front suspension systems and some various types that have been tried through the years.

Links this episode:
fans.moto.gp website at http://fans.moto.gp
Poll on Speed TV website about What Series You Are Waiting For at http://www.speedtv.com/news
Barry Sheene bio trailer at http://tinyurl.com/yvhcrb
Shadow Video Productions at http://www.shadowvideoproductions.com
Motorcycle Suspension photos at http://www.motopodcast.com/suspensions

Episode 109: Say It Ain't So Carmelo...

* Still More About Track Bikes, But Brief
* Chat with Jules Cisek About Possible Control ECU
* Toseland Going On A Diet!
* Rossi Gonna Stick Around For Five More Years

Fairly quick show this week with some reader e-mail, talking a little bit about track bikes and how great they are plus a really cool Barry Sheene bio that's going to be shown on the UK Biography Channel and maybe with some luck, we'll see it in the US. We also chat with Jules about some news that popped up in the last week or so where Carmelo Ezpeleta has said in the press that he thinks a control ECU would be a good thing for MotoGP (Carmelo needs to put down the crack pipe) and some other odds and ends of newsy type things. We're not going to have a show on January 4th, so make this one last until the 11th!

Links this episode:
Barry Sheene biography on the UK Biography Channel at http://www.thebiographychannel.co.uk/biography_video_highlights/521/Barr... (Please let them show this in the US...)
Standard ECUs Could Come To MotoGP post on Kropotkin Thinks at http://blogger.xs4all.nl/daisy/archive/2007/12/20/335339.aspx (main site is http://www.motogpmatters.com)