Episode 178: MotoGP at Le Mans and World Superbikes at Kyalami!

* Wow, what a weekend! Lots of racing to talk about!
* Regis Laconi update

Bob and Jules chat about a big weekend of motorcycle racing, with World SuperDupers racing last weekend at Kyalami in South Africa for the first time in seven years and MotoGP running an extremely "interesting" flag-to-flag wet race at Le Mans. Lots of things happened, not the least of which was some good racing all around. It's good stuff, make sure you download the show and give it a listen!

Links this episode:
Regis Laconi - Operation Successful, But Worries About Left Leg at http://www.motogpmatters.com/news/2009/05/20/regis_laconi_operation_succ...
Power Sport Dynamic Turn 5 Chalet at Red Bull US Grand Prix at http://powersportdynamic.metromedia1.com/
Pole Position Travel at http://www.polepositiontravel.com/index.htm?affiliate_id=74

Episode 177: Holy Crap We Have A Big Weekend Coming Up!

* What are you doing for Laguna Seca 2009?
* World Superbikes Monza 2009 review!
* MotoGP Le Mans 2009 preview and crazy predictions!

You didn't really think that the shows were going to get any shorter, did you? I hope not. This week is a biggie, with a great call with Rexene Wahl from Power Sport Dynamic talking about an offer you can't refuse for Laguna Seca 2009. After that, Bob and Jules go on endlessly about some fantastic racing at Monza for World SuperDupers and then some more racing that is coming up this weekend with MotoGP at Le Mans and World Superbikes at Kyalami. It's amazing stuff, all very enjoyable! Download it now and listen during your commute!

Links this episode:
Power Sport Dynamic Turn 5 Chalet at Red Bull US Grand Prix at http://powersportdynamic.metromedia1.com/

Episode 176: Jerez Review, Silliness, and Peter Lenz!

* Jerez 2009 review!
* Chat with Peter Lenz, USGPRU & WERA racer

The show shortening plan goes out the window for yet one more week, but this is a good show. Bob & Jules do a long call to wrap up Jerez 2009, both MotoGP and 250cc. Good stuff. As well as that, Jules did a great call with Peter Lenz. Peter is racing full time on RS125s, competing in the USGPRU National Series and select WERA West races. Did I mention that Peter is 11 years old, competing against adults? And beating them? This guy is one to watch! Good show, download it and take a listen!

Links this episode:
Power Sport Dynamic Turn 5 Chalet at Red Bull US Grand Prix at http://powersportdynamic.metromedia1.com/
Helimed Rideout 2009 at http://www.helimedrideout.co.uk/
Peter Lenz's Official Website at http://www.peterlenz.com/
The Danish take on the whole convoy thing at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVBNk4_U0cc
One more time on the Piledriver convoy thing at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy2-8dPtJ9k

Episode 175: We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties. Please Stand By.

* Motegi 2009 review!
* Assen WSBK 2009 review!
* Eugene Laverty call!
* Jerez 2009 preview and more predictions that we actually wrote down again!

Crazy huge ridiculous racing weekend with good stuff at Motegi and Assen. Bob and Jules do a somewhat disjointed and technically challenging wrapup and review and Jim does a call with Eugene Laverty, World SuperSport racer. Great show even with the technical glitches that we had, so you should download it and enjoy!

Links this episode:
Mixes results at World Superbike website to view previous races at http://www.worldsbk.com/en/sbk-live.html
Eugene Laverty's Official Site at http://eugenelaverty.com/

Episode 174: MotoGP Motegi Preview and a Bit About WSBK at Assen

* Interview with Scott Kolb and Chris Cosentino of the CosoMoto project
* Motegi 2009 preview and predictions that we actually wrote down!

Big big racing weekend coming up, so Bob and Jules talk about that! Before we get to that, we have a really great chat with the guys from Cosomoto, a US-based race team that is building a new motorcycle for the new Moto2 series! Very interesting stuff. Download the show and take a listen!

Episode 173: It Never Rains In Qatar!

* Chat with Scott Jones, back from Qatar
* Qatar 2009 Wet and Rainy Review

We had a very rainy and unusual MotoGP weekend in Qatar, so Jules and Bob go on and on about that. Before we get to that, Jules had a chat with friend of MotoGPod Scott Jones, who was actually in Qatar for the opening round of the 2009 MotoGP Season! Great stuff, lots of info. Download the show and take a listen!

Episode 172: WSBK Valencia Wrapup and Qatar Preview

* Sad news from Australia
* MotoGP rule changes
* WSBK Valencia wrapup, sorta
* Qatar/MotoGP 2009 Preview

Bob is back and we do a long call with Jules about the World Superbike races in Valencia and some predictions and theories about Qatar and the whole MotoGP 2009 season. Add some rule changes and reader e-mail to that, and you've got a pretty long show! But it's good stuff, well worth a listen!

Links this episode:
FIM Issues More Revisions to 2009 GP Regs at http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/article/?article=36094
Rule changes prevent rookie factory riders at http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/28032009/23/rule-changes-prevent-rookie-fa...
Tributes flow for rider killed in bike crash at http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2009/04/06/1238869875245.html
Make sure you know what time it is at http://timeanddate.com or http://www.worldtime.com

Episode 170: Not really sure what it's about, to be honest...

* Call with Jules!
* Illegible notes!
* Something about Cat Pants!

From one extreme to another, that's MotoGPod! This week's show is one of the shortest shows in months, right after last week's uber long marathon. Bob and Jules do a quick and very entertaining call, talking about some of the news and events going on this past week in motorcycle road racing. Let's be honest, Bob was drunk and did zero prep for the show, but Jules carried it off like a pro! Good thing he shows up on time! LOL!

Links this episode:
Alpinestars Cat Pants on sale at Motostrano at http://www.motostrano.com/al4wcatpa.html (BTW, that's a bit of an inside joke, but they are great pants. Pick up a pair! Tell them Bob and Jules sent you.)
Colin Edwards puts up a wall in the garage at http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/sport/sportresults/mcn/2009/march/23-2...

Episode 169: World Supers Meets UFC and a Eugene Laverty Interview!

* World Superbikes at Qatar!
* Fun Deathmatch Silliness!
* Another Great Eugene Laverty Interview!

Very long show this week, but well worth it! First of all Bob and Jules do a call and wrapup the World Superbike races from Qatar, and after that things got a bit silly and we matched up motorcycle racers past and present in fist fights! Not really sure where that came from, but we had a lot of fun with it. After that giant digression, we get back to the real business of talking about motorcycle racing with a fantastic call that Jim did with Eugene Laverty! Excellent stuff, enjoy!

No links this episode.