Episode 661: Quatro Poles

Ahh Mugello, such a beautiful track with an even more beautiful backdrop of the Tuscan hills and Alps in the distance. We missed you!

Skyler and Jim go all in on MotoGP, track limits. Am I right?? Yeesh

Moto 2 and 3 provided some of the best action of the weekend.

Let's chat about it!

GP startdevice video

Episode 654: Save the Riders from Themselves!

Hey Motopoders! Jim and Skyler come together to catch up on what is happening in the world of motorcycling. They talk about what is going on in their lives now and about the news. Jim has a special interview with Dr. Claire McDowell, who discusses concussions, broken bones, plating breaks and Marc Marquez's bone graft surgery. Skyler rejoins Jim and they layout a strategy and some ground rules for riders who crash so they can recover faster and still enjoy life after racing.

It's a long one. Grab your helmet, gloves and a beer. Let's Go!