Episode 478: Little Clicks and Big Clicks</p>

Josh Hayes and Taylor Knapp 00:18:41

Mat Mladin 00:28:11

Jim Race and Harry Lloyd quickly link up to run over the testing times from Jerez. Ducati are looking strong yet again but could Honda still be struggling? Everything is getting wrapped up for the winter as the two month testing ban has officially begun, fear not there will of course be MotoPod throughout to keep your ears filled with bike chat. There’s still the Superprestigio in Barcelona to go as a final bike racing send off for 2015.

Episode 477: Going Local

Anthony West 01:13:05
Stevie Bonsey 01:24:17
Roger Lee Hayden 01:29:16
Toni Elias 01:31:27

Harry Lloyd and Scott Bolton relive some of the world's domestic series from 2016 including MotoAmerica, Japanese SBK and CEV in Spain. Most series had a new Yamaha R1 running away at the front, but there are still a few news in the smaller capacity classes to keep an eye on in the coming years. As well as a quick run down of the 'local' racing, Jim Race headed out to Vegas for the Superprestigio of the Americas and to talking with one or two ex-MotoGP riders. There might not be any racing on this weekend, but hopefully you'll be tempted to go back and catch up on some old ones as we settle into the off season.

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Episode 476: Michelin Man Rolls Up

It's the first show of 2016! Or the last of 2015, depends how you look at it really. Harry Lloyd sits down with a nice iced coffee to bring everyone a quick run down of who is going where in 2016 and what everyone did in testing. The Michelin tyres made a strong debut at the Valencia circuit as riders were able to match or improve their race times. It wasn't just MotoGP out preparing for 2016 as Moto2, Moto3 and WSBK all had private tests although with unofficial timing. The winter testing ban may be coming up soon but there's no stopping MotoPod.

Jack Miller had said you need to ride the Michelins like a 250, clearly Miller has never ridden one: https://twitter.com/GP_Xtra/status/664528176719228929

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Episode 475: The Fastest Man Won

David Emmett 00:02:38
MotoGP Race at T8 towards end (Note how far the first three are from Rossi) 00:43:46
Maverick Viñales 00:44:44
MotoGP Podium 00:47:05

Jules Cisek and Martin Darlington bring you the final in season show of the year! The two had a grand adventure in Valencia and this show is a collection of their journey. MotoGP journalist ace and fellow podcaster David 'MotoMatters' Emmet joins the two for a run down of the season as the dust settles. Some of the transitions are a bit longer than usual this week to help soak in the incredible atmosphere of Valencia. The polemics continued after the race, but that's for another show, right now it's all about celebrating the World Champions: the three fastest men on motorcycles in the world. 2015 was the best season ever, but judging by testing 2016 could be even better…

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Episode 474: Race of Their Lives

True Heroes Racing 00:24:34

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal cover just a little show as Martin and Jules get comfortable in a Fiat 500. There's just one major race of the year left and after the world almost exploded from Sepang, it's been a somewhat quiet week. The CAS Decision on Rossi's stay of execution has come down and The Doctor will need the race of his life to claim this title. But it won't be easy for Lorenzo either, with all the talking done it's time to get back to racing. Dave also chats to True Heroes Racing, the race team of injured veterans.

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Episode 473: The Incident

Charlie Hiscott 01:35:50
Jonathan Rea 02:15:44

The race that got everyone talking, Sepang. 'Rossi' was the number one trending topic on Twitter for hours, news sites struggled to hold the surge of traffic in the wake of the #SepangClash. Now Martin and Jules take on the infamous, perhaps even career defining incident. Could the season get more dramatic? Of course there was also Moto2 and Moto3 action over the weekend, the latter being especially interesting with Danny Kent once more letting the title slip to the next race. It's all down to the wire in both classes so get ready for a big one in Valencia.

The only thing longer than MotoPod, Motomatter's excellent article on The Incident: https://motomatters.com/analysis/2015/10/27/2015_sepang_motogp_round_up_...

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Episode 472: Race of the Decade

Pull up a chair and settle in, it's going to be a long one. Harry and Martin take the first stint of this mammoth episode and talk about MotoGP and WSBK. Martin especially makes some very interesting points which Rossi himself will echo just two days later. Luckily Harry and Dave around around to pick up the baton for round 2 of this episode and again talk MotoGP and also some BSB. Everything from silly season to the incredible Phillip Island race is up for discussion and of course we managed to catch the shots Rossi fired at Marquez. Could the build up to Sepang be any better?


Then in true 'Back to the Future 2' style, it all became a reality!


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Episode 471: Dani Pedrobot is dead; long live Dani Pedracer

Harry Lloyd and Martin Darlington talk about the excitement from Motegi. A two hour delay on Sunday morning let everyone waking up early have an extra two hours in bed but luckily the racing was just as good. A reduced Moto3 and Moto2 race saw a champion produce one of his best rides and a champion elect play it safe. As the rounds tick down the fight between Rossi and Lorenzo is getting tighter and tighter but is Lorenzo letting it slip away? Alex De Angelis suffered a nasty crash but fortunately looks as though he'll pull through. It's the biggest weekend of the year coming up for bike racing so get ready for a long hard day on the couch.

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Episode 470: Winning Winners

Once again it's Martin Darlington and Harry Lloyd chatting about WSBK and BSB. Both championships have followed a surprisingly similar course over the year with one rider emerging as a clear title favorite. Once again solid racing in both with drama until the cool down lap in the case of BSB. The end of the year is, unfortunately, getting very close but luckily there's still four action packed MotoGP rounds to look forward to. Also Nicky Hayden will move to Honda in WSBK next year, but of course this came after the show was recorded.

Episode 469: That's Why He Has A Honda

Len Padilla and Martin Darlington pair up to talk about a thrilling Aragon GP. Great racing across all classes saw titles delayed till the next round, Championship leads left the same and the return of an Alien in MotoGP. With just a handful of races left silly season has stepped up a notch and more and more bums are finding seats. It's been a tough year for Marc Marquez and just ahead of this week's show it got a whole lot tougher for the double world Champ. In classic MotoPod style, the Rabat news was confirmed as the show was being edited.

http://ontrackoffroad.com/2015/09/29/motogp-matt-roberts-blog-from-115/ Matt Roberts on Lorenzo

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