Episode 513: The Wizard of Oz

Saeed Al Sulaiti 00:16:26

Dave Neal is joined by Harry Lloyd to talk about Phillip Island. The weather played more than a roll than we thought it would during the opening stages of the weekend and drama continued until the last lap in all three classes. Will riders ever learn to not lead out of the final corner? Will Cal Critchlow go down as the greatest Brit of all time? Will Jorge Lorenzo ever find his speed again? All these questions and more answered right now!

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Episode 512: Give Me Five

Harry Lloyd is joined by both Len Padilla and Dave Neal to face once of the busiest weekends of racing we’ve had. There were some great races and some not so great races, but surprises were a common theme throughout as three riders lifted their fifth titles to date. Winter is coming soon but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of racing to be done!

Marquez’s seasons: https://twitter.com/matoxley/status/788420655125594112

GBMoto call it quits: http://www.motorcyclenews.com/sport/british-superbikes/2016/october/bsb-...

McConnell Legs It: https://twitter.com/matt77roberts/status/788708363597127680

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Episode 511: Tangents on Tangets

With both World Superbike and British Superbike producing some truly thrilling racing this last weekend, there was more than a little bit of action to talk about. But both Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal somehow managed to get a little sidetracked at various points. Don’t worry as eventually the good ship MotoPod gets back on course as we talk homologation specials, tight championships and just how much racing there is in two weeks time. It’s a long one so you had best get comfortable!

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Episode 510: MarquezLand Aragon

It’s all about Aragon with Skyler Vickroy and Martin Darlington this week. We’ve had our first World Champion crowned in 2016 and at least one of the other championships continues to tighten up more and more each weekend. Silly season continues to churn in the lower classes and some ‘interesting’ moves and rumours keep popping up. The end is in sight now, just the flyaways and Valencia to go…

Pedrosa’s front tyre: https://twitter.com/ClubfansPedrosa/status/780053291313065984

Episode 509: Super Sliders

Harry Lloyd and Skyler Vickroy team up in a semi-together capacity to talk all things Superbike. There were Superbikes of the World AND British variety out in force over the course of the weekend and both had some surprising results. But perhaps the biggest surprises of the weekend came from a Finnish rider in the Supersport World Championship who took it to the main man of the class. 2016 still has a decent way to go, but we’re already looking ahead to 2017 as the official calendar has been revealed.

Episode 508: Will the real Dani Pedrosa Please Stand Up?

Martin Darlington and Skyler Vickroy talk magical Misano. Who would have expected Dani Pedrosa to produce a ride like that? Never rule out the number 26, that’s just how he likes it. But as is all too common with Pedrosa, his wonderful achievement was overshadowed by a war of words between two other familiar names. Luckily Pedrosa gets his moment in the sun on MotoPod before Martin pimps his new gig and talks about the book he’s reading.

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Episode 507: What Else Can Happen?

Brad Binder 01:35:03

Andrea Dovizioso 01:42:30

QP Laverty 01:49:05

Post-Race Laverty 01:55:46

Jack Miller 02:00:59

Scott Redding 02:09:03

Cal Crutchlow 02:12:58

Alex Lowes 02:19:58

Dave Neal and Harry Lloyd have finally dried off after a very wet and wild Silverstone. Luckily it threw up some wonderful racing in all three classes so the soggy socks were more than worth it. While Harry was busy delivering sweet treats to the paddock, Dave was actually getting some work done and managed to stick his microphone under the noses of a few people. He even managed to get MotoPod into the somewhat secretive world of post-session debriefs where riders are more casual than in on camera interviews. Oh and we’re having the best season ever, in case you didn’t notice.

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Episode 506: CALculator

Len Padilla joins up with Harry Lloyd to discuss what turned out to be a VERY British Czech GP. Three winners that no one saw coming made for an exciting weekend even if Harry did get a little wet in the process of it all. We also have a flood of listener emails on a wide variety of topics to kick the show off. In typical MotoPod style Alex Rins broke his collarbone after the show and Bradley Smith had a suspected broken femur at the Endurance World Championship, drama!

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Episode 505: Fenati’s Fall

Harry Lloyd does it solo with a little help from everyone’s favourite Google Translate lady voice. We start off with a little life update before jumping head first into a pile of Moto3 news and drama. Surprisingly enough it was a young Moto3 rider who stole a number of headlines over the course of the weekend, but for all the wrong reasons. Aside from the flaws of Fenati, we had a glorious weekend at the Red Bull Ring, a circuit Harry is more than happy to go back to. We’re pretty sure Ducati will be more than pleased when the Austrian GP rolls around next year too…

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Episode 504: Naming Rights

Jared Mees 00:54:40

Brad Baker 00:56:49

Martin Darlington bloods in new co-host Skyler Vickroy after a little announcement. They get straight down to business and figure out how the hell someone gets a name like ’Skyler Vickroy’. It’s not just about names as the pair also talk the little kid bits of news but in true MotoPod style the news kept breaking so Harry Lloyd steps in to cover some more WSBK silly season and the Suzuka 8 Hour. Once more Scott Bolton has been out in the field and has collected wonderful chats with Baker and Mees.

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