Episode 542: That Elbow

Ronald Ten Kate: 01:11:23
Yigit Top: 01:26:32

Jim McDowell and Martin Darlington see the season out in fine style. Valencia was always going to be a tough one for Desmo Dovi, but he gave it his all as always. If only Lorenzo hadn’t meddled, or did he? Either way, Marquez tried to give Dovi a chance of snatching the title with another mind-bending mid-race save - not today Mr Rules of Physics, not today. As is seemingly always the case, Pedroda’s heroics out the front went largely unnoticed as one of MotoGP’s most fascinating and hard fought season draws to a close.

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Episode 541: All Down to This

Scott Smart 01:54:53

Charlie Hiscott + James Whitham 02:18:24

Steve English + Harry Lloyd 02:50:55

Skyler Vickroy and Derek Cabrera and Jim McDowell cover the last of the MotoGP flyaways where Andrea Dovizioso kept his hopes of the MotoGP crown alive with a spirited wet weather ride against his teammate. Once again, it all comes down to the final round of the year - unlike Moto3, Moto2 and WorldSBK which were all wrapped up with at least a couple of rounds left. Speaking of WorldSBK, Martin Darlington made his annual WorldSBK pilgrimage to see some bikes and make some new friends, more interviews to come! Harry Lloyd and Steve English join Martin for what can only be described as a classically MotoPod chat (Harry kept looking at the TV screen).

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Episode 540: Masters of MotoGP

Skyler Vickroy and Jim McDowell are here to talk about two of the most electrifying MotoGP races we’ve seen, at least in the last two races! The premier class of motorcycle racing just keeps on getting better and shows no signs at all of easing off. Gloves are off, and it’s all out war for the 2017 title. Wild Weather saw Miracle Mir walk on water to lift the Moto3 title before ascending up to Moto2. Settle in for two hours of great racing chat.

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Episode 539: Bouncing Brands

Andrew Course and MotoPod’s own phoenix, Dave Neal, come together for a British Bonanza episode. In true BSB style it all kicked off at the last round and went right to the very end, or at least the start of the very last race. Truly a weekend that showed all the highs and lows of bike racing. But it’s another season done and before we know it we’ll be back into the dark depths of winter, let’s enjoy it while we can! (The clicking at the start does stop pretty quick, I have no idea what caused it and spent like six hours trying to solve it but gave up - Harry)

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Skyler Vickroy, Andrew Course and Derek Cabrera talks BSB, WorldSBK and most of the associated support series. It got pretty wild in all the championships with some unexpected events leading to some unusual series leaders. But not in WorldSBK, Rea cleaned up. Demolished the field. Started his own demolish company and went to town on everyone. What a year for him, what a three seasons for him! Anyway, there’s more titles to be won and the season is far from over!

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Episode 537: The Doctor Treats Himself

Jim McDowell and Skyler Vickroy are back at it again to talk all things Aragon. We had some wild races in all three categories with dramatic last laps, heroic returns and bitter disappointments (especially if your name ends in Van der Mark). Rossi or Marquez, who had the more unbelievable weekend in Aragon? When’s that first win going to come for Lorenzo? Titles are getting closer and closer to being won as we head for the triple-header in Asia, but 2017 has proven to be wildly unpredictable.

Episode 536: Melting Pot

Cameron Beaubier 00:54:07

Garrett Gerloff 01:04:13

Matthew Scholtz 01:08:21

Wayne Rainey 01:16:48

Skyler Vickroy is joined by yet ANOTHER new host in the form of Derek Cabrera to chat all things racing. Unless it’s British racing, then Andrew has that one covered! There’s a fair bit to talk about with races almost every weekend and often multiple a weekend. It’s really an all hosts on deck episode as Scott Bolton returns with a couple of MotoAmerica interviews as their season comes to an end. Enjoy!

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Episode 535: Chipped Shoulders in Misano

Skyler Vickroy and new boy Jim McDowell get chatting about Misano where rain on race day spoiled a couple of parties but added a bit of extra life to others. Despite Rossi sitting at home with his cat (Yes really, MotoGP.com even did a video on it!) crowds were more than healthy. As always, there’s also a bunch on news to catch up on from around the world.

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Episode 534: The Great Italian Hope Called Dovi

Skyler Vickroy wets in a new presenter in Andrew Course with the British GP. And what a British GP! A bank holiday weekend, roaring sun and incredible on track action. Is there anything that won’t happen in 2017? It’s tighter at the top than it has literally ever been in MotoGP and shows no signs up slowing down. Unless you’re Marquez’s Honda engine, in which case you came to a rather abrupt stop…

Oh and something happened to Rossi literally thirty minutes after they recorded the show, it’s probably nothing tho.

Episode 533: Lucky or Smart?

Two incredible, but very different, MotoGP weekends in Brno and Austria give Skyler Vickroy and Harry Lloyd a lot to talk about. From the incredible racing to some more silly season updates, there really had been a bit of everything to kick off the second half of the 2017 MotoGP World Championship. And what about that Joan Mir, huh? How good is he! Has there ever been a better time to be a MotoGP fan? It’s hard to say. A lot of questions for sure, hopefully we can answer some…

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