Episode 523: Rumble Down Under

James Rispoli 00:33:40

Troy Corser: 00:45:43

Stuart Garner 00:49:16

We’re back in action as the 2017 racing season roars to life down at Phillip Island. We briefly go over MotoGP testing before diving into the WorldSBK action. As ever, the Australian circuit produced some truly thrilling action with a set of near photo finishes in all three races. 2017 has only just started and it’s already looking like one of the best ever. Dave Neal was busy down in The London gathering us some interviews from the MCN bike show as well, a truly jam packed episode this week.

By the way, the MCN league name and pin is ‘MotoPod’

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Episode 522: Cleaning Up

Freddie Spencer: 00:37:29

Mike Meskell: 01:31:31

Jeremy McWilliams 01:46:07

Skyler Vickroy and Dave Neal are here to talk you through the bits and bobs of news we have popping up ahead of the MotoGP and WorldSBK tests in Phillip Island. We’ve finally had the full WorldSBK calendar revealed so it’s almost time to go racing! Ducati’s Salad Box continues to puzzle everyone but luckily there’s one or two journey doing the hard work. It’s a quick show this week, mostly to make way for more wonderful interviews from the great Phil Hall.

Oxley Tech Article: http://www.motorsportmagazine.com/opinion/motogp/anti-chatter-jounce-box

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Episode 521: Sepang Seepage

Peter Hickman: 00:20:46

Hilton Hicks: 00:40:35

Joe Weir: 00:58:18

Roger Winfield: 01:08:20

Harry Lloyd and Skyler Vickroy are back at it again for a bit of a monster show. We talk all things testing from winglets to Scott Redding to Jorge Lorenzo. The racing season is fast approaching but we have a quick flash back to the past with Phil Hall who checks in from the P.I. Classic with the first of his wonderful interviews. There’s something for everyone! Oh and those first bike sounds from Phil’s interviews are the legendary Britten being warmed up and ridden - you might want to turn the volume down…


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Episode 520: The Salad Box

Skyler Vickroy and Harry Lloyd team up to tackle the pressing motorcycle racing issues of the week. This includes Andrea Iannone’s hair, Ducati’s salad box and the Circuit of Wales. Motorcycle racing always keeps us guessing, huh? We also a lovely racing memory from Scott Bolton’s super smooth vocal chords. Aside from rider fashion, we also run through who was fast and who wasn’t at the first WSBK test of the year. It’s all starting to get a bit exciting as both WSBK and MotoGP get into the swing of testing. 2017 is here!

The Salad Box: https://twitter.com/motomatters/status/824713907713482752

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Episode 519: Guess Who’s Back?

It’s us! Harry and Dave are back together to bring MotoPod into 2017. Of course there’s more than just the return of MotoPod to talk about as some rather surprising TT news broke just hours before recording. Of course, the news is the return of Guy Martin, something no body saw coming! We also catch up on all the comings and goings in BSB with more and more seats filling up ahead of a juicy little season. Now, let’s all go look at some pretty MotoGP bikes get revealed and surprise no one with their liveries!

Guy is Back - http://www.motorcyclenews.com/sport/tt-road-races/2017/january/roads-guy...

MCN Podcast - http://www.motorcyclenews.com/sport/tt-road-races/2017/january/podcast-g...

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Episode 518: And The Rules Keep Coming

The brand new pairing of Skyler Vickroy and Harry Lloyd are back at it to keep talking Superbike rules. Skyler has been doing his homework so clears up a few questions we had floating around about the new WorldSBK grid. But then we go and raise even more questions as we chat about the new rules for the Stock 1000 class in BSB. The proof will be in the pudding as they say and both sets of rules have certainly peaked fans’ interests. To round things off we get a preview of Martin’s new adventure.

Episode 517: Mathematics Degree Needed

Harry Lloyd and Dave Neal come back from a brief Motorcycle Live induced break to talk all things BSB, WorldSBK and MotoGP. The NEC could have easily been mistaken for the BSB news hub as we had some rather significant signings announced. Harry and Dave also touch the WSBK/MotoGP test at Jerez where Rea threw the gauntlet down. But of course, the real top topic of the show are the new WorldSBK rules which were hot off the press when we recorded. Be sure to tune in next week for BSB Stock 1000 rules and a bit more reflection on the WorldSBK grid shuffling.

How fast is Rea?: https://motomatters.com/analysis/2016/11/28/jerez_test_analysis_would_jo...

Arthur Sissis on Emotion: https://motomatters.com/interview/2016/12/04/making_the_wrong_choices_ar...

Fast Freddie Interview: http://www.motorsportmagazine.com/hall-of-fame/hall-fame-2017-motorcycli...

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Episode 516: Out With The Old, In With The New

The fantastic 2016 season has come to a close, Harry and Dave here to help ease the pain. Despite the three titles having been decided before the last round, we had three thrilling races - a perfect end to the perfect season. But fear not, 2017 is already here as the MotoGP riders were back out almost straight away to give us a taste of 2017. It left a very Maverick taste in our mouths to say the least…

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Episode 515: Not over yet!

Well it’s not over just yet and Martin Darlington and Skyler Vickroy are hoping it stays happening for at least a little longer. They give a brief preview of what to expect in Valencia as we head into the last round of the season. Martin also brings you his final chat from Qatar, a nice long state of the union with Steve English. Oh and the Google Voice makes a ‘welcome’ return to the show.

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Episode 514: The Mighty Number Nine and a Green Tag Team

Michael Laverty 00:44:39

Leon Hallam 00:56:45

Saeed Al Sulaiti 01:08:54

Paul Denning 01:31:54

Nicky Hayden 01:40:33

Leon Camier 01:46:32

Martin Darlington and Len Padilla team up just like the Kawasaki WorldSBK team to cover Sepang and Qatar. Six races and a smorgasbord of interviews mean it’s a bit of a longer one. The rain came and played its own role in Sepang with the promised child finally coming fourth to deliver us our ninth different winner of 2016. Meanwhile in Qatar the skies were filled with red as Chaz Davies made himself known as one of, if not THE, men/man to beat in 2017. But it was a playful pair of green bikes which ultimately decided the top three in the championship.

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