Episode 535: Chipped Shoulders in Misano

Skyler Vickroy and new boy Jim McDowell get chatting about Misano where rain on race day spoiled a couple of parties but added a bit of extra life to others. Despite Rossi sitting at home with his cat (Yes really, MotoGP.com even did a video on it!) crowds were more than healthy. As always, there’s also a bunch on news to catch up on from around the world.

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Episode 534: The Great Italian Hope Called Dovi

Skyler Vickroy wets in a new presenter in Andrew Course with the British GP. And what a British GP! A bank holiday weekend, roaring sun and incredible on track action. Is there anything that won’t happen in 2017? It’s tighter at the top than it has literally ever been in MotoGP and shows no signs up slowing down. Unless you’re Marquez’s Honda engine, in which case you came to a rather abrupt stop…

Oh and something happened to Rossi literally thirty minutes after they recorded the show, it’s probably nothing tho.

Episode 533: Lucky or Smart?

Two incredible, but very different, MotoGP weekends in Brno and Austria give Skyler Vickroy and Harry Lloyd a lot to talk about. From the incredible racing to some more silly season updates, there really had been a bit of everything to kick off the second half of the 2017 MotoGP World Championship. And what about that Joan Mir, huh? How good is he! Has there ever been a better time to be a MotoGP fan? It’s hard to say. A lot of questions for sure, hopefully we can answer some…

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Episode 532: From the Waterfall to the Lagoon

The catch up shows continue as Harry returns from his Laguna Seca pilgrimage to chat Sachsenring and WorldSBK with Skyler Vickroy. Two tights tracks, but two very different atmospheres (Harry get soaked at one and sun burnt at the other). The two championships are also in pretty contrasting positions: MotoGP the best it has been in over 20 years while WorldSBK has many journalists bickering about how to fix it. Finally, we hear from Scott Bolton about MotoAmerica Pre-Laguna. Enjoy the atmosphere at the start of his clip and imagine yourself out there on the deck, nice cold beer and talking bikes.

Apologies for no proper Laguna meet up - a sick co-commentator had Harry running around like a headless chicken all weekend.

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Episode 531: Kicking Assen

Assen produced a truly wonderful weekend of racing. Was it the best ever weekend? Was it the best weekend this year? Is this the best year ever? We tackle some of these questions, and a fair few others, on this weeks show. Skyler and Harry delve into what went on and what is still going on in the Grand Prix paddock. Once again Skyler gives a couple of riders a bit of a boot, but that could be the exact motivation they need! Who would have thought Dovi would be leading the World Championship? What a time to be alive. Unless you’re Lorenzo, then you’re probably wishing Assen didn’t happen…

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Episode 530: Ducati Delight

We used to be good at doing these regularly, but sometimes life gets in the way! A bit of a bumper episode as Harry and Skyler Vickroy catch up with two rounds of MotoGP and WorldSBK. It’s been a very Ducati affair lately as the Bologna Bullets seem to have found their groove. But as always, there’s still a lot more to come. We also launch two brand new competitions to win a free book and maybe become a host!

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Episode 528: Go Nicky

A somewhat sombre episode as we have Nicky Hayden in our minds throughout, #GoNicky. We get caught up on the latest news before taking a very deep dive into all the racing that has been going on lately with WorldSBK, MotoGP, NW200, MotoAmerica and much more. There’s no rest for the wicked as the MotoGP - WorldSBK schedule keeps alternating with a couple of road races thrown in for good measure.

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Episode 527: American Moto

Bryce Prince 01:02:17

Cameron Beaubier 01:11:30

Danny Eslick 01:22:27

Garrett Gerloff 01:30:34

Jake Gagne 01:41:31

Jared Mees 01:49:47

Matthew Scholtz 01:56:47

Toni Elias 02:03:47

Dave Neal 02:13:16

It’s a red, white and blue episode as Scott Bolton and Skyler Vickroy team up to cover MotoGP in CotA and MotoAmerica. Racing in both series was thrilling right until the end and left a fair few people wanting more. There’s also something in the Superbike water as both WorldSBK and MotoAmerica saw a war of words between their title contenders.

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Episode 526: Are We That Surprised?

Barrett Long 01:15:46

Beau Beaton 01:32:28

Brandon Robinson 01:44:01

Bryan Smith 01:53:22

John McGuiness 01:59:00

Michael ‘Factory’ Neeves 02:14:56

Harry Lloyd and Marting Darlington bring you all the MotoGP happenings from Argentina. A weekend of ups and downs for many, but we’re left wondering if any of it was really that surprising. Well apart from Abraham second on the grid, THAT was surprising but fair play to him. We also delve into the interview lockers to pull out a couple of interesting ones to keep you entertained over the long weekend (if you have one where you live, if not just enjoy the interviews!)

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