Motorcycle Suspensions

A few images to illustrate the suspensions tech segment in Episode 110.

Girder Forks: Not the best angle, but it shows the fact that the fork is one solid unit, with springs at the the steering head.

Girder Forks parallel links close up
Girder Forks 2: A nice shot of the parallel links at the top of a girder fork.

Leading Link Forks
Leading Link Forks: The linkage is at the bottom, near the wheel hub. Springs are at the top in this case.

Earles Forks: No change in wheel base with this setup, and great for sidecars.

Bimota Tesi with hub center steering.
Hub-Center Steering: This Bimota Tesi is one example of a hub-center steering setup. Note that there’s nothing at all where the forks would be on a standard motorcycle.