Episode 99: Sad News, Regular News, Technique Segment and a Chat with Liam

* Norick Abe News
* MotoGP News and Brief Update on FP1 and 2 at Philip Island
* Riding Technique with Advice from Darren Carpenter
* Long Chat with Liam (recorded prior to news about Norick)

Another show that has all kinds of different subjects, good stuff this week. One very sad piece of news that we talk about is the tragedy involving Norifumi Abe, but moving on we talk about a variety of subjects that I think you'll find interesting.

Links this episode:
Japanese news story about Norick Abe #1 at http://www.news24.jp/94744.html
Japanese news story about Norick Abe #2 at http://www.news24.jp/94773.html
Why Dorna is threatening to impose a spec tire article by Dennis Noyes at http://www.speedtv.com/articles/moto/motogp/40771