Episode 97: Motegi Wrapup with Jules Cisek, Listener E-Mail and General Blathering

* MotoGP News
* Listener E-Mail
* Bob and Jules go on and on about Motegi, but the audio quality takes a dive
* Commentary by Jules about AutoSport.com article

Interesting show today with the obligatory Motegi wrapup that turned out to be as much of a mish-mosh as the race was, some great listener e-mail, and Jules did a bit about an article on AutoSport.com. Good stuff, well worth a listen! Check it out!

Links this episode:
Ducati chose Bridgestone to beat Rossi at http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/62714
Tire (Tyre?) Survey at http://www.motogp.com