Episode 80: Bob's by Himself Again, Doing a Mugello Preview Show, 1 June 2007

* MotoGP News
* TVU Networks website...hmmm...
* Reader E-mail, that's always fun
* Mugello Preview with Audio Onboard Lap
* A Quick Look at the Standings Going into Round 6

A bit of a hodgepodge of a show today and we're back to the NPR for motorcycle racing format, with just Bob on the show. There's an interesting website that I found out there you might want to check out, plus some news and commentary. Also, a blog entry from Kropotkin Thinks at MotoGPMatters.com is blatantly cribbed because it was really good stuff. We wrap up with a Mugello preview, including an audio onboard and a look at the world championship standings going into Round 6 of the 2007 MotoGP season!

Links this episode:
TVU Networks at http://www.tvunetworks.com
Kropotkin Thinks at http://www.motogpmatters.com
RideOnTwo.com at http://www.rideontwo.com
Clinica Mobile at http://www.clinicamobile.com