Episode 507: What Else Can Happen?

Brad Binder 01:35:03

Andrea Dovizioso 01:42:30

QP Laverty 01:49:05

Post-Race Laverty 01:55:46

Jack Miller 02:00:59

Scott Redding 02:09:03

Cal Crutchlow 02:12:58

Alex Lowes 02:19:58

Dave Neal and Harry Lloyd have finally dried off after a very wet and wild Silverstone. Luckily it threw up some wonderful racing in all three classes so the soggy socks were more than worth it. While Harry was busy delivering sweet treats to the paddock, Dave was actually getting some work done and managed to stick his microphone under the noses of a few people. He even managed to get MotoPod into the somewhat secretive world of post-session debriefs where riders are more casual than in on camera interviews. Oh and we’re having the best season ever, in case you didn’t notice.

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