Episode 496: The Hard Swings of Racing

Dave Neal and Harry Lloyd are back at it to guide you through the latest developments in silly season. The predictable has happened but 2017 is already shaping up to be a dramatic little year. With silly season now more or less out of the way we can finally get back to focusing on 2016! WSBK were out in Sepang and as always had a bit of a mixed weekend with rain adding a bit more excitement. The North West 200 also caused Harry’s eyes to cross with the mind bending speeds achieved by the Superbikes but the event was unfortunately brought to a premature end by some truly tragic news. All of Motopod’s wishes go out to the family of Malachi Mitchell-Thomas who tragically lost his life chasing the dream.

A bit close at the NW200 - https://twitter.com/dmac011188/status/732170949718577152



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