Episode 477: Going Local

Anthony West 01:13:05
Stevie Bonsey 01:24:17
Roger Lee Hayden 01:29:16
Toni Elias 01:31:27

Harry Lloyd and Scott Bolton relive some of the world's domestic series from 2016 including MotoAmerica, Japanese SBK and CEV in Spain. Most series had a new Yamaha R1 running away at the front, but there are still a few news in the smaller capacity classes to keep an eye on in the coming years. As well as a quick run down of the 'local' racing, Jim Race headed out to Vegas for the Superprestigio of the Americas and to talking with one or two ex-MotoGP riders. There might not be any racing on this weekend, but hopefully you'll be tempted to go back and catch up on some old ones as we settle into the off season.

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