Episode 476: Michelin Man Rolls Up

It's the first show of 2016! Or the last of 2015, depends how you look at it really. Harry Lloyd sits down with a nice iced coffee to bring everyone a quick run down of who is going where in 2016 and what everyone did in testing. The Michelin tyres made a strong debut at the Valencia circuit as riders were able to match or improve their race times. It wasn't just MotoGP out preparing for 2016 as Moto2, Moto3 and WSBK all had private tests although with unofficial timing. The winter testing ban may be coming up soon but there's no stopping MotoPod.

Jack Miller had said you need to ride the Michelins like a 250, clearly Miller has never ridden one: https://twitter.com/GP_Xtra/status/664528176719228929

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