Episode 475: The Fastest Man Won

David Emmett 00:02:38
MotoGP Race at T8 towards end (Note how far the first three are from Rossi) 00:43:46
Maverick Viñales 00:44:44
MotoGP Podium 00:47:05

Jules Cisek and Martin Darlington bring you the final in season show of the year! The two had a grand adventure in Valencia and this show is a collection of their journey. MotoGP journalist ace and fellow podcaster David 'MotoMatters' Emmet joins the two for a run down of the season as the dust settles. Some of the transitions are a bit longer than usual this week to help soak in the incredible atmosphere of Valencia. The polemics continued after the race, but that's for another show, right now it's all about celebrating the World Champions: the three fastest men on motorcycles in the world. 2015 was the best season ever, but judging by testing 2016 could be even better…

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