Episode 441: Cut Short

Davide Brivio 00:30:42
Maverick Viñales 00:39:12
Chris Pike 00:43:54
Scott Redding 00:53:32
Stefan Prein 01:00:54
Jack Miller 01:20:26
Lucio Cecchinello 01:26:35
Leon Haslam 01:37:26

MotoGP shows how it can bring rain to a country like no other sport in the world as the final day of pre-season testing is rained out at Qatar. Luckily this gave Martin Darlington time to have a chat with a variety of riders ahead of the season opener. It was an exciting test, especially if you're a fan of Italy, the color red and winglets. Join Harry Lloyd and Martin as they delve into times from testing. Enjoy the sound of a factory Honda being gently awoken from its sleep in the Redding interview...


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