Episode 44: MotoGP/WSBK Comparo, SportVue, WSBK Qatar Quali

* World Superbike Qatar Qualifying Session 1 Report
* MotoGP/World Superbike comparo with Ross Flewell-Smith
* Dominic Dobson/SportVue interview

The good stuff just keeps on coming for MotoGPod lately, so just like the last few shows, we have a lot of cool stuff. MotoGPod listener Ross Flewell-Smith helps out with a research into lap times and other comparisons of MotoGP to World Superbike, so we have a conversation about that. We've also got an interview with Dominic Dobson, President and CEO of Motion Research Corporation, manufacturers of the SportVue, a really cool device designed for riders that gives you a helmet mounted display for speed, rpm, and gear. Also, World Superbike starts the season with Round 1 in Qatar and we have a qualifying report.

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