Episode 41: Phillip Island Test, Liam Update, and We Talk With Max. No, not that Max!

* News Update (Max, Carlos, and the gang...)
* Liam Shubert interview
* Tech Segment #5- Suspension part 2a (Max McAllister interview)

Really big show today, lots of great stuff. We start off with some general MotoGP news with a quick report about the Phillip Island tests that happened this past week, and then we have a phone interview with Liam Shubert, the guy who moved to Spain to be MotoGP team mechanic. And we'll finish up with part 2a of the suspension tech segment, and that's another phone call, this one with Max McAllister of Traxxion Dynamics. Very good show, hope you enjoy it!

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Trophy Suite at Laguna Seca at http://www.motopodcast.com/redirect/stevejones.php
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