Episode 402: All Stations Are Go

Mark Woodage 00:13:23
Josh Brookes 00:32:32
Shaun Muir 00:56:15

Dave Neal briefly joins Harry Lloyd and Jim Race to talk about the opening round of the BSB Championship at Brands Hatch. There’s also news to catch up on before a weekend so full of racing Harry might cry! Interviews with Josh Brookes, Shaun Muir and Mark ‘Brains’ Woodage, all looking ahead at what are some very long seasons. Enjoy!

BSB Crashes: http://www.bikesportnews.com/news-detail.cfm?newstitle=Higgs-sets-record...

Cost of Racing: http://www.superbike.co.uk/race-news/gbmoto-bsb-team-feature-the-real-co...

Road Racing Commentary: http://irish-roadracers-media.com

Josh Brookes Tribute Lid: http://imgur.com/Ljp4UlS

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