Episode 394: Island Interviews

Christina Divigard 00:01:35
Dave Johnson 00:20:30
Dave Roper 00:39:50
John McGuinness 00:57:33
Kerry Smith 01:29:27
Kurt Lentz 01:45:34
Levi Day 02:03:59
Mike Edwards 02:20:19
Ottis Lance and Deano Swims 02:37:12
Rex Wolfenden 03:13:55
Scott Clough 03:31:41
Trevor Birrell 03:46:44
Simon Crafar 04:09:25

Harry Lloyd brings you a show so full of interviews there wasn't enough space for another host! We get the final shipment of interviews from Phil Hall and Dave Neal remembers to hit record with Simon Crafar!


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