Episode 38: So, Tobacco Companies Are OK Again?

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* Yamaha Sponsored by... Camel?!?
* Andy Caldecott, 1964-2006
* Biaggi & Barros to World Superbike, Maybe Checa to Yamaha?
* Tech Segment #3- Suspension, Part 1

Some surprising news on the sponsorship front today, sad news from Dakar, and the four middle aged B-Boys find a home in World Superbike. After that, we'll continue the MotoGP Tech Segments with #3, Suspensions Part 1. Complete with pictures!

Links this episode:
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Suspension Pictures at MotoGPod at http://www.motopodcast.com/suspensions.php
Elf 3 GP Racer 1986 photos at http://www.europark.com/machines/ny-elf500p1988.htm
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