Episode 364: The Year That Is

0:26:58 Phil Borley - Manager / Crew Chief for the MotoGP PBM CRT Squad
0:46:04 Mick Grant - Multi-time GP and IoMTT Podium Star
1:08:00 Stuart Garner - CEO of Norton Motorcycles
1:39:11 John Ulrich - Editor of RoadRacing World & Motorcycle Technology Magazine (and lots of other stuff)

Jules Cisek and Jim Race join forces to bring you a recap of the LeMans MotoGP round, including an astounding performance by Ducati and the Honda continuance, a breakthrough win for Scott Redding in Moto2 and simply the mayhem that still defines the French circuit, as always. Along the way, we have a phalanx of excellent interviews with key players to keep you interested leading up to not only the always awesome Mugello GP, but the IoMTT which is right around the corner. Sleepless nights ahead. Join us!

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