Episode 357: Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

0:36:45 Simon Pavey on Dakar and More
1:10:59 Temples of Speed Pt. 4 | Steve Brooks on Germany
1:32:15 Mark Bracks on Everything

Jim Race and Jules Cisek team up to provide a lead in to the MotoGP opener at Qatar, answer some excellent listener email, and keep it relatively short, because? Bikes on Course! We also have Temples of Speed from Steve Brooks, Mark Bracks, and Martin Darlington grabbed a fantastic interview with Dakar veteran and friend of the show, Simon Pavey! Many thanks to all the donors who have stepped up in our current pledge drive!

Links this episode:
* http://www.circuitoftheamericas.com/volunteer-motogp - Cornerworker Sign up
* http://www.simonpavey.com/ - Dakar Video Diary
* http://www.offroadskills.com/ Simon Pavey Offroad Skills training
* http://www.motorcyclenews.com/frr PIN: 7247 - MotoPod Fantasy League

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