Episode 352: When the Lights Finally Go Out

0:15:46 Fabien Foret
0:29:21 Tom Sykes
0:39:01 Sam Lowes
0:55:00 Leon Haslam
1:09:04 Jules Cluzel
1:24:48 Kenan Sofuoglu
1:37:20 Chaz Davies
1:39:07 Max Biaggi
1:41:51 Leon Camier
1:55:26 Ron Haslam - Part One

Jules Cisek and Jim Race usher in the first race of the year, but the real star of this show is Phil Hall with a fantastic series of excellent interviews from the WSBK races at Phillip Island. Get comfy. This is going to take a while. And even more next week!

phil hall's blog: http://www.halfofmylife.com

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