Episode 35: Sepang and Jerez Tests, A Little Late

* Hofmann & Cardosa Ride for D'Antin Ducati
* Cecchinello Signs Stoner?
* Camel Pulls Out
* Track Improvements At Laguna Seca
* Sepang & Jerez Test Results

I'm back! Sorry for the long break, but I had to take care of my Navy Reserve annual training. Great time of year to do it, it was a lovely 19 degrees F at night. Nothing like waking up with frost on the sleeping bag to make you know you're alive!

Enough of that, let's talk about what's on the show. Several interesting news items about team signings and structure, silly season is winding down. Laguna Seca is spending some big time money on track improvements for future MotoGP races. Plus, a somewhat delayed report about the tests conducted at Sepang and Jerez at the end of November.

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