Episode 346: Roll it up

00:25:54 PJ Jacobsen
00:34:56 Kenny Noyes
00:52:45 Mark Miller
02:39:32 "Temples of Speed" by Steve Brookes

Jules Cisek and Jim Race go through listener feedback, shoutouts, and bits of news. Interviews with PJ Jacobsen (Tyco Suzuki BSB), Kenny Noyes (Suter-Ariane CEV), and … lets face it, we can't call it an interview - Jim and Mark Miller on the good and bad of Macau and much more. Plus MotoGP and WSBK news (testing, rider lineup) and we talk about the Circuit of The Americas which hosted F1 this month.

Macau links:
. final standings: http://www.macau.grandprix.gov.mo/gp/59/data/result_59/MGPBIKES_COMB.pdf
. highlights: http://youtu.be/qpTZJT_eJ-s (in cantonese)
. full race onboard with Horst Saiger (6th) http://youtu.be/G3Rb3z_y6W8

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