Episode 34: Liam's Wild Ride

* Ellison to test with Tech 3
* KTM engines for WCM
* Ilmor engines for 2007
* Win a Suzuki MotoGP Season Guide
* Interview with Liam Shubert
* Calendar Contest #2 Results!

Some very interesting stuff in the news this week plus an interview with Liam Shubert, a guy that sold all his belongings and moved from America to Spain to try to get a job with a MotoGP team! We also announce the two lucky winners of the contest to win a copy of the 2006 American Roadracer Calendar!

It's a long episode that should help tide you over through the three week break coming up. After this one, there won't be another episode until December 23, sorry about that! Real life is intruding on the podcast!

Links this episode:
Autoclips.net at http://www.autoclips.net
Suzuki MotoGP website at http://www.suzuki-motogp.com/fanclub/competitions.asp
Liam's Wild Ride at http://bayarearidersforum.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=142624
E-mail Liam Shubert at mailto:motoliam@gmail.com