Episode 333: Tall Tales of Indy

00:40:18 Ben Spies
00:42:23 Dr. Martin Raines
01:28:52 Geoff Maloney
02:05:35 Steve Rapp
02:08:44 Stefan Bradl
02:11:07 Lucio Cecchinello
02:23:05 Dr. Martin Raines (part 2)

Jim Race and Jules Cisek return from the Indianapolis GP with interviews, rumours, news, and all sorts of Good Stuff™. We also answer some very interesting listener feedback and completely fail to mention the awesome meetup we had on Saturday in front of the IMS Pagoda. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Interviews from Ben Spies of Factory Yamaha Racing, Dr. Martin Raines, the official MotoGP statistician, Geoff Maloney of GP Tech, a wildcard CRT at Indy, Steve Rapp, of Attack Performance and the other wildcard at Indy, and Stefan Bradl and Lucio Cecchinello of LCR Honda. Plus don't forget to listen to the end of the show. Lots of fun clips from this year's Riders for Health auction.

Post call errata: Casey Stoner hurt his *right* foot, not his left.

Crutchlow going back to WSBK? http://www.bikesportnews.com/news-detail.cfm?newstitle=Crutchlow-set-to-...
Jules’ article on the problems at Indy 2012: http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/racing/trackside-tuesday-indianapolis-mo...
Jules’ photos from Indy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/popmonkey/sets/72157631216946042/

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