Episode 30: Valencia GP Preview and Brian Drebber Interview, part 2

* Some News Items
* Valencia preview and onboard lap
* Part two of our Interview with Brian Drebber, Professional Race Announcer
* Announcing the Winners of the American Roadracer 2006 Calendars!

OK, this episode really got out of control. I sort of went over time a little bit, so it's 52 minutes long! But the second half of the interview with Brian Drebber is great, well worth listening to, and there's some other great stuff as well. We also have two winners in our contest to win a copy of the American Roadracer 2006 Calendar!! Congratulations to John Owen and Sam Migliori! Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, keep on listening, there will be more!

Links this episode:
American Roadracer Calendar 2006 at http://americanroadracer.com