Episode 289: Armchair Physics and Zarcolepsy

* Misano: 125s, Moto2, MotoGP
* Nürbergring: WSBK, WSS

Jules Cisek and Martin Darlington go through listener email, various news bits, Jules' armchair theory of the leg dangle followed by a passionate appraisal of the bizarre 125 race, the once again extremely satisfying Moto2 race, and the mostly clinical and processional MotoGP race saved by a brilliant ride from SuperSic. We wrap up with Nürbergring action with the incredible variety of racing between WSBK Race1, WSS, and the deluge of WSBK Race 2.

Links this episode:
* the excellent "Ducati in crisis" article: http://www.findthethrottle.net/?p=43
* Jules' Casey Stoner leg dangle @ indy image: http://bit.ly/nFSNPB

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