Episode 288: The Tale of The Wombat and The Tooth Beaver

* Elena Meyers
* Andrea Oleari (MarcVDS)
* Toby Moody
* Shelina Moreda

Martin Darlington anchors Jules Cisek who has just returned from Indianapolis and the GP round there. From Indy we've got Elena Meyers who, at 17 years old, got to ride Alvaro Bautista's GSV-R800, Andrea Oleari who's the Marc VDS data technician for Scott Redding and Mika Kallio, and an old friend of the show. Toby Moody speaks his mind on everything MotoGP. Martin and Jules cover all three races and try to make sense of the unusually quiet silly season and finally Jules catches up with the versatile and very fast Shelina Moreda.

Links this episode:
* Jules' photos from Indianapolis: http://bit.ly/oV7Jxj
* Sequence of photos of BS11's start of the race (start - T3): http://bit.ly/pLP04s

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