Episode 242: Headhunter

* Kenny Noyes interview (Team Jack & Jones by Antonio Banderas Moto2 squad)
* Peter Lenz interview (USGPRU GP125 and Moriwaki MD250H racer)
* Casting glances at Indy
* Where did the Silly Season go?
* Final casting call for Indy MotoGPod meetup at Indy!

Who knew after a relatively dry racing weekend (Manx GP notwithstanding) that Martin Darlington and Jim Race could find so much to talk about. Another wild ride on the MotoGPod front. Join in!

http://bit.ly/cIGDfC - MotoGPod Meetup Info
http://www.kin-el.com/TheYoungRidersFund.html - sponsoring Niall
Campbell(16) and Josh Elliot(15)) and perhaps Peter Lenz
http://www.peterlenz.com/ - Peter Lenz, Young Gun at large
http://www.mattandcess.com/  - Listeners Blog