Episode 125: Motosports Photography

* WSBK and MotoGP news
* Day one Shanghai summary
* Interview with Andrew Wheeler (professional motorsports photographer)
* Interview with Scott Jones (amateur motorsports photographer)

We start with a quick wrapup of the week's news. If you don't care about motorsports photography click "Stop" after the news segment. Otherwise continue to interviews with Andrew Wheeler and Scott Jones.

Links in this show:
Kropotkin on Yamaha in 2009: http://blogger.xs4all.nl/daisy/archive/2008/04/27/382438.aspx
Rossi Lookalike: http://www.crash.net/motorsport/motogp/news/162455-0/rossi_lookalike_say...
Andrew Wheeler's photo site: http://www.automotophoto.com/
Andrew Wheeler's blog: http://automotophoto-andrew-wheeler.blogspot.com/
Scott Jones' photo site: http://www.turn2photography.com/
Scott Jones' blog: http://blog.scottjones.net/