Episode 12: Week 1 of the Mid-Season Break

* Rossi news
* Moriwaki confirmed for Motegi
* Sete's hand gestures -- what's up with that?
* Some interesting satellite imagery
* Listener e-mai l-- tech questions

It's the start of the four week mid-season break, just waiting for the end of August and Brno! Between now and then, there will be stuff to talk about as we get ready for the second half of the season. Contest update: as of Friday, August 5th, we have no clear winner in the T-Shirt DVD contest. Send in your entries, even if it's just a guess!

Links the episode:
Google Earth at http://earth.google.com
Javier's Project at http://www.motopodcast.com/downloads/2005-MotoGP.kmz.zip
popmonkey's Project at http://www.popmonkey.com/coo/racetracks.zip