Episode 114: Talking About Tires!

* Listener E-Mail
* Save Mark Bracks!
* Call with David Podolsky of Chicken Hawk Racing
* Lame military jokes and an update on my son in boot camp

Fantastic call with David Podolsky of Chicken Hawk Racing about what exactly is going on with those round black things and why you might want to warm them up before a track day or race. Lots of interesting info in this call. Before we get to that, we have several great e-mails to talk about, ranging from corrections from the last show to suspension advice to more about the Barry Sheene video and bad bad news about Mark Bracks and what you can do about it. Lots of good stuff today and we even finish up with a little bit of Marine Corps chitchat about my son, who is currently in Marine Corps boot camp. There might even be an Air Force joke in here, if you listen carefully. Good stuff, download the show and listen!

Links this episode:
Save Bracksy Petition at http://savebracksy-petition.clubezy.com
Barry Sheene video in NTSC at http://www.amazon.com/Legacy-Personal-History-Barry-Sheene/dp/B000MKYJMS/
Traxxion Dynamics suspension (Max MacAllister) at http://www.traxxion.com
Catalyst Reaction suspension (Dave Moss) at http://www.feelthetrack.com
Chicken Hawk Racing at http://chickenhawkracing.com
United States Marine Corps oohrah site at http://www.marines.com