Episode 111: Some Totally Off Topic Blathering and a Call with Liam Shubert!

* News (sort of), e-mail, and odds n ends
* Laguna Seca Travel Notes Redux
* Call with Liam Shubert!

The show is a little bit all over the map today, but we have some really good stuff. We talk about several newsy sort of items and some great listener e-mail and then we have a call with Liam Shubert of the D'Antin Ducati Team. It's been a while since we talked with Liam and we've got some catching up to do!

Links this episode:
A California Yankee In Ducati's Court (Mark Elder story by Dean Adams) at http://www.superbikeplanet.com/2008/Jan/080102-elder.htm
Liam's Wild Ride at http://www.motoliam.com
Biography Channel at http://www.biography.com (ask them to broadcast the Barry Sheene show!)
"The CatHouse" club at The Luxor at http://www.luxor.com/nightlife/ (can we get any less focused on MotoGP?)