Episode 108: So, You Want A Track Bike...

* MotoGP News
* Chat with Darren Carpenter, More About Track Bikes!

Looong show today with a really great chat with Darren Carpenter of OMRRA fame, about track bikes and various things to look for. We expand on the quick track bikes options segment from a couple of weeks ago and talk about what you might want to think about when you buy a track bike and where to spend any extra money you might have. In addition to that, we cover a few cool news items and talk a little bit about Steve Jones' USMotoGPFans.com suite deals. Good stuff!

Links this episode:
Make-A-Wish Foundation National Home Page at http://www.wish.org
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon at http://www.orwish.org
Mustaches for Kids at http://www.mustachesforkids.org
Steve Jones' USMotoGPFans - Luxury seating for Motorcycle Roadracing fans at http://usmotogpfans.com
USMotoGPFans Miller Motorsports Park AMA/WSBK suite auctions on ebay at http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?sasl=usmotogpfans