Episode 107: Lots of E-Mail and Toby Moody!

* Free E-mail Accounts with Cool Domains
* Free Kentucky Kid vid on iTunes!
* Track Bikes Revisited (not free, unfortunately)
* Indy MotoGP Travel Tips (also not free)
* Toby Moody Chats About Dakar

A giant e-mail grab bag this past week, so we share some of the best talking about track bikes and Indy travel tips along with a few other tidbits. After that, we've got Eurosport commentator Toby Moody on the show to talk about his experiences doing the commentary for the awesome Dakar Rally! Good stuff, I think you'll enjoy it.

Links this episode:
Cool motorcycle e-mail addresses at http://www.sportbikes.com/email.aspx
Super Single Project at http://450moto.blogspot.com/
Official Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP site at http://www.redbullindianapolismotogp.com (paving complete, w00t!)
Dakar 2007 Eurosport coverage (8:45 of your life that will not be wasted) at http://youtube.com/watch?v=3DkZEGk59h0
Dakar Rally Highlights blurb on Versus at http://www.versus.com/nw/article/view/673/?tf=OLNPressCenter_articles.tp... and Dakar coverage schedule at http://www.versus.com/schedule
Official Dakar Rally website at http://www.dakar.com/indexus.html
Cycle News #49 at http://online.cyclenews.com/ActiveMagazine/getbook.asp?Path=CYCL/2007/12...
Most Current issue of Cycle News at http://www.cyclenews.com/testride/latestissue.html